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Global Fixers

The Global Fixers Server on Discord is a world-wide Mutual Aid Repair initiative for repairers to broaden and share skills, cross-train, and bring items they’re struggling to repair. Follow these instructions to join: https://bit.ly/joinglobalfixers


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Join this Global Fixers team and Fixit Clinic’s online virtual global Mutual Aid Repair initiatives: Discord: Global Fixers Server and Intergalactic Zoom Fixit Clinics:

-Discord: Global Fixers Server is an online resource for knowledge sharing and training amongst repairers where they can broaden skills, share skills, cross-train, and bring items they’re struggling to repair on their own (“stumpers”.) It’s available 24x7 around-the-clock around-the-world and provides backup to on-site repairers when they encounter something they’re unfamiliar with. Follow the instructions in this Google Doc to join Discord: Global Fixers: https://bit.ly/joinglobalfixers

-At Intergalactic Zoom Fixit Clinics you present your broken item to a global assembly of expert community repairers and get suggestions for things to try. After all items have been presented, items/participants and repairers move to Zoom breakout rooms to implement the tips and hopefully, fix the items. (We are happy to set up language-specific Zoom breakout rooms – just ask!)

Curious? There are different sign-up links for items and repairers:

-Items: Do you have something broken? Register the item at http://bit.ly/fixitcheckin

-Repairers: Are you a repairer who wants to help fix? Or an aspiring repairer who just wants to observe and learn? RSVP at http://bit.ly/fixitcoachsignup

Our main website: http://www.fixitclinic.org.