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We're just some folks with repair on our minds...

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The real Professionals. I thought it is only fair to create a team for those that are more mature with decades of experience. Somewhere in the over 50's range.

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Master Techs

Working to save the public money and time.

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Ladies of iFixit

We are the ladies who make up the iFixit team.

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Restart Project

The Restart Project is a London-based social enterprise that encourages and empowers people to use their electronics longer, by sharing repair and...

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Translators of iFixit

Our goal is to give everyone in the world the opportunity to access and understand iFixit‘s content and participate in and contribute to all aspects of...

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Global Fixers

The Global Fixers Server on Discord is a world-wide Mutual Aid Repair initiative for repairers where they can broaden skills, share skills, cross-train, and...

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Guide Team

iFixit's in-house team of technical writers and guide creators.

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iFixit EU Team

The European side of iFixit: Same same only different ;)

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Teardown Team

Teardown Team

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For most active members of ifixit with over 2k reputation

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The Home Depot

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EU Guide Team

The guide team at iFixit Europe: a highly professional tech writing team based in the EU. We are experienced in dismantling, tearing down, reassembling,...

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Android Alliance

A group of like minded fan boys/girls dedicated to creating and maintaining repair guides and device pages for the vast array of Android devices. It's time...

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Comunidad para traductores de español

Esta comunidad es para todos los traductores del idioma español. Es un lugar para aclarar dudas, intercambiar información sobre nuestro idioma y todo lo...

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Informative Technologies Inc.

Students from Charlotte, NC areas schools and colleges working to make it easy for anyone to revive PCs

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Community Managers of iFixit

iFixit's community managers strive to bring together as many like-minded people as possible, make sure they get help with their repair problems and that they...

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EDU Team

In accord with iFixit's mission to teach everyone to fix every thing, iFixit’s EDU Team empowers students to change the world through innovative education...

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Community Protectors

For those who monitor and enforce the rules.

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Kid fixers

Members of iFixit under 21.

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Not fanboys! Just fanatical about all things Apple. Lovers of well executed design aesthetics and a well planned and intuitive interface! A positive and...

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Dutch Translator Team

Translation in Dutch of repair guides.

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Cette équipe est créé pour tous les réparateurs francophones.

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Anyone who isn't already on a team (or if you are switch if you want), join this team.

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Apple fan boys

We LOVE everything Apple. R.I.P. Steve Jobs

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Leroy Merlin

Equipe de réparateurs fan de Leroy Merlin

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iFixit, Team 1-1, Steinhaeuser Spring 2016

Mein Studententeam ist das Beste.

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Chinese Translation Team

All ifixit fan in China are welcome to join in this team, to help ifixit to translate. 欢迎所有在中国的ifixit粉丝加入我们的团队,来帮助ifixit翻译。

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Cal Poly, Team 8-12, Regan Spring 2014

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Marketing and Design

iFixit's Marketing and Design Team

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Team Vulcan

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iFixit, Team S1-G1, Weber Summer 2018

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Motorola Team

Motorola Mobility Support Team

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Cal Poly, Team 6-21, Maness Winter 2014

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Macbook Repair group

If you like fixing MacBooks, join here and chat about and fix whatever MacBook you want!

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LGBTQ Technicians

A team made for and by members of the LGBTQ community

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Cal Poly, Team 7-20, Regan Spring 2014

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Cal Poly, Team 20-15, Maness Winter 2015

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Cal Poly, Team 5-8, Forte Winter 2010

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USF Tampa, Team 2-2, Blackwell Fall 2014

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