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  1. If your PC is on, shut it down.
    • If your PC is on, shut it down.

    • Unplug the PC from the wall.

    • Disconnect the power cable from the tower, unplug keyboards, monitors, or any other devices, and remove any USB devices.

    • Press the power button after completely shutting down the PC. This will "ground" the motherboard, preventing any short circuiting from occurring.

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  2. Lay the computer on its side so the panel faces up.
    • Lay the computer on its side so the panel faces up.

    • Push the cover release latch at the back of the computer's case. The cover should pop off and away from the computer.

    • Make sure the computer is on its side before you begin replacing any parts.

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    • Lift the front plate release lever, located toward the front of the PC.

    • While holding the front plate release lever up, slide the front plate towards the top of the case and remove it.

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    • Remove the drive faceplate by pulling down on the blue plate latch. The faceplate will pop off.

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    • Disconnect the power and system board cables from the back of the optical drive.

    • Pull on the connectors, not the wires, to remove the cables.

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    • Slide the plate latch down again to release the screw

    • While holding the plate latch down, push the drive out from behind, then pull it out of the bay

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    • You should feel the drive click into place.

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    • Connect both the power and the system board cables to the optical drive.

    • Don't forget to plug the system board cable into the system board!

    • Make sure cables are not in the way of any fans.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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That's a great help.

I didn't realize I need to remove the front panel first. I spent 15 minutes still could not remove the drive. After I read this guide, I got it done in less than a minute!

sfacp2 - Ответить

Thanks for the help !!!


alig0r - Ответить

I have a dell optiplex gx 270 and parts from a demension 2400 ..... Change component or drive

Liz Ballard - Ответить

Plain and simple. Awesome! I knew I was missing a simple step (I didn't know the front plate had a release lever). With these steps, I was good in about 10 seconds tops.


davethemave1 - Ответить

Thanks for your plane explanation.

Han Voerman - Ответить

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