Remove the ROUND rubber pads along the edge of the monitor.  One in each corner.  The center bottom ones do not cover screws.
  • Remove the ROUND rubber pads along the edge of the monitor. One in each corner. The center bottom ones do not cover screws.

  • They are held on with a lite adhesive

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Under the rubber pads are T8 screws.
  • Under the rubber pads are T8 screws.

  • Remove the 4 of them. (One each corner)

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  • At this point, the face is held on with little clips and adhesive. Go around the edge of the laptop screen gently prying the clips open.

  • The adhesive is on the inner edge. Since I didn’t care about the current screen, I also gripped the inner edge of the face, and pushed against the screen a little.

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  • Each lower corner of the screen has two PH0 screws. Remove them.

  • Note that the two holes with screws have little triangle marks. This will make your reassembly easier when you try to remember which two holes to use.

  • Lift the screen 45º of the laptop. The back should now be disconnected from the main frame of the display, and should be able to be pulled up to 90º.

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  • On the back of the display, 4” (10cm) from the left side is a small data cable, unplug it.

  • There is a piece of clear tape over the connector, and a barcode with a clear backing. Carefully remove this.

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  • Remove the three PH0 screws from each side of the LCD assembly.

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  • At this point, the LCD is removed, and the new one can be attached.

  • From this point forward in the instructions, you will need to pretty much work backwards.

  • I made notes to make it a bit easier.

  • Remember the little triangle markers when attaching the frame to the back.

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  • Apply new adhesive to the back of the LCD face (otherwise there will be a little rattle).

    • I used standard double-sided tape.

    • I folded it lengthwise to thicken it, and trimmed with a razor.

  • If you look closely, you will see light markings where the tape should be applied.

  • (sorry about this last photo,iFixit makes the crop 4:3, which cuts off the image... Ill try to replace next time I replace one.)

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  • To put the face back on, open the screen up all the way up.

  • Place the face gently in place, use the light and knobs on the top to reference the placing.

  • Start at the hp logo, and push down firmly, and slide out the the edges.

  • Do each side separately, starting at the bottom, and working up.

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  • Screw in the four corner PH0 screws

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  • Reattach the four screw covers / rubber pads.

  • You can use small pieces of double-stick tape.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order. Steps 8-11 are reassembly notes.

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Good guide, I used it to replace an LCD on a HP EliteBook 8540p.

The only difference between those two models for replaceling the screen is that there are 6 rubber pads need to be removed (and thus 6 screws under the pads) (the two rubber pads at the top center you need to remove to).

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hi i am anas from india

my laptop screen is damage today

can you help me how can i purchase it in low cost of lcd

because there price is too high and it is not genuine price

my email

mobile no +919210744541

anas malik - Ответить

modle is hp elitebook 8440p

anas malik - Ответить

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