Use this guide to help you replace the battery in the Amazon Kindle Fire.


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  1. Wedge a plastic opening tool into the lower right corner of the Kindle Fire.
    • Wedge a plastic opening tool into the lower right corner of the Kindle Fire.

    • Pry the case apart and run the plastic opening tool along the perimeter of the Kindle Fire to release the clips securing the case halves to each other.

    • If you are having extreme difficulty inserting the plastic opening tool, carefully use a metal spudger to undo the first clip, then switch back to the opening tool to avoid scratching your case.

      • It is helpful to pry the bottom of the Kindle Fire away (and out from the side) from the top part. Exerting too much force attempting to split the two without pulling away can cause the tabs on the inside to crack.

  2. Once you have freed all the plastic clips, pull the back case off the Kindle Fire.
    • Once you have freed all the plastic clips, pull the back case off the Kindle Fire.

    • Fit the tip of the plastic opening tool between the right battery cell and the Kindle Fire's frame.

    • Lever the battery up and work the plastic opening tool down along its edge to release the glue securing it to the frame.

    • Repeat the process from the previous step to free the left battery cell.

    • Lift the back of the battery up to relieve any tension in the battery connector and simultaneously use a spudger to push the battery connector out of its socket.

    • Pull the battery out of the Kindle Fire.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I'm usually intimidated by electronics when it comes time to pull off the back or something, so this guide was invaluable in my efforts to replace the battery. I found a great price ($28) on a replacement Kindle battery here: http://www.primelec.com/atl-tablet-eread...

Thanks again

dscottpeterson - Ответить

Thank you for the detailed repair guide! I tried the link above and they are out of stock but I found another site with a great price on a brand new replacement battery ($28) here: http://www.mpfproducts.com/products.php?...

The repair only took me about 20 minutes. Thanks!

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great post, I came across http://bestbattery.biz/Amazon/189882-D01...

The batteries from bestbattery.biz tried and tested with us.

Kermit45 - Ответить

Used this guide to replace my battery. Sadly, it didn't fix the problem. The problem is with my charger connection. It is loose. I had hoped changing the battery and looking at the problem from the inside would resolve it. The charging connection is in it's own little housing. I considered opening the housing but I had no replacement parts to fix whatever may be wrong. I greatly appreciate the quality of this repair guide. There were no problems with tear down or putting back together. Thanks again!

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Some kindles have a battery connection that "floats". The problem can be alleviated by soldering the charging port. There is an excellent video on YouTube that shows step by step, the process for soldering the charging port. Hope this helps!!!

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