If your mixer won't spin or is noisy, follow our guide on how to replace the worm gear.


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Using a spudger, gently pry off the aluminum drip ring.
  • Using a spudger, gently pry off the aluminum drip ring.

Using a 1 mm pin punch and hammer, hammer the pin until it is dislodged from the planetary gear cover.
  • Using a 1 mm pin punch and hammer, hammer the pin until it is dislodged from the planetary gear cover.

This should be a 5/32 inch or 4mm punch.

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  • Using a spudger, pry the planetary gear cover from the mixer shaft.

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  • Using a flathead screwdriver, remove the five, 28 mm front motor housing screws.

  • Using the same flathead screwdriver, remove the two, 28 mm locking screws.

  • One of the locking screws contains a safety locking mechanism. Do not interchange these screws with the front motor housing screws.

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  • Turn your device around. Using the same flathead screw driver, remove the two, 28 mm rear locking screws.

  • One of the rear motor housing screws contains a safety locking mechanism. Do not interchange these screws with the front motor housing screws.

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  • Using a phillips 2 screwdriver, remove the 10 mm screw from top of back cover.

  • The rear cover is now completely free from the mixer.

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  • Carefully pull the power cord from the notch in back of the mixer.

  • The motor housing cover is now completely free from the base of the mixer.

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  • Lift the motor housing cover from the mixer base.

  • Be sure to place the cover upside down to prevent grease from leaking out.

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  • Using a butter knife or putty knife, remove the grease from the gears.

  • Place the grease in motor housing cover.

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  • Using a Phillips #2 screwdriver, remove the three 20 mm screws from the worm gear tower.

  • The worm gear tower assembly is now free from the mixer base.

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  • Using a pin punch and a hammer, remove the roll pin.

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  • Slide the tower gear out to access the worm gear.

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  • Remove the worm gear from the tower.

Helpful pictures

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Some corrections:

Step 1 -- Suggest (as the Service Manual does) using a flat-blade screwdriver and tap it with a light hammer to drive the drip ring off.

Step 2 -- the correct size pin punch is 5/32"

Step 3 -- Using two flat-blade screwdrivers, one on each side, pry off the planetary.

A plastic spudger is likely to break. Two points of leverage opposits each other distributes the load and prevents to the planetary and its shaft.

Step 11 -- The proper punch size is 3/32"

Steps 12 & 13 -- There is a washer on each side of the worm gear. Retain these and place one on each side off the grar when reassembling.

A link to the Service Manual:


Finkerbell - Ответить

Cheers Finkerbell,

Very helpful info, as was the main part of the guide.

Not sure what model number I was working on, but when I l lifted off the motor housing, there was still wires connected to the base.

Just be careful at this stage in case you have the same...

markguerin - Ответить

my model K5SS WH is the same as yours until step 5. It doesnt have the two bolts as shown in the picture for step 5 so i wasnt able to complete the repair. any suggestions.

sailsetter - Ответить

Wow! Lovely guide to easy maintenance, no plenty stories

Dennis - Ответить

This is the BEST! Thank you.

Advanamics - Ответить

is there any chance of using stronger gears as replacement parts?

rslaughter65 - Ответить

You shouldn’t want to, this plastic gear serves as a kind of mechanical fuse to protect the motor from failure. If the system is overloaded (or worse freezes to a stop) the gear will shear off protecting the motor from overload. This part was not designed as “planned obsolescence” as the rumor states but was actually a safety feature as an easily accessible and cheap plastic gear is a much better replacement than a motor.

PedroDaGr8 -

I can't punch the pin out. Any ideas?

Denise Olson - Ответить


I had the same problem.  Knocking the pin out looks so easy in the videos, but was not so in my case.  I put the mixer on the floor and butted the side up against a wall, with a towel for padding between the mixer and the baseboard.  Another option would be to lay the mixer on its side on a board and a towel for padding.  The idea is to keep the mixer from moving when driving out the pin.  You may also try applying some WD-40 to each side of the pin.  I used a large nailset, which slipped less than the punch, and just kept tapping on the pin.   I used more force each time until the pin started to move, and then maintained that force until the pin was out.  Driving the pin back in was equally as difficult.  I added some grease to the pin when reinstalling, but I am not certain that it helped any.  Good luck!

Craig -

FYI - The motor would hum on my mixer, but the mixer would not spin. I followed this guide under the impression that the gear was trashed, but upon disassembly found that the gear was in good shape.  It turned out that gear at the front of the blender that powers attachments was stuck.  With the mixer still disassembled,  I removed the front cover (the chrome piece at the front end), and used a punch to drive the gear back into the blender so it could be removed.  Simply cleaning gunk off of the gear shaft and the bearing with steel wool, applying some light grease, and reassembling, fixed this mixer.

Craig -

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