This repair guide will help you safely access the Surface's battery pack and install a new one.


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  1. Prior to any repairs make sure that the device is orientated correctly, and you are familiar with all ports and buttons. The screen should be facing up with the Windows logo located on the bottom.
    • Prior to any repairs make sure that the device is orientated correctly, and you are familiar with all ports and buttons. The screen should be facing up with the Windows logo located on the bottom.

    • Turn off device prior to continuing

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  2. Carefully turn the tablet over so the screen is facing down.
    • Carefully turn the tablet over so the screen is facing down.

    • Pull up on the bottom corners to open the stand.

    • Refer to the images.

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    • Locate the two 5.08mm T5 Torx screws. The two screws will be located on the left and right sides in the kickstand.

    • Make sure when removing the screws to be careful to prevent stripping of the head.

    • With all the screws removed gently wiggle the stand side to side until the lever in the middle is free, releasing the stand.

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    • Use a spudger or similar flat headed tool to release the small bezels out lined in the image. Remove the plastic trim covering the camera with the soft flat headed tool.

    • Be patient; you will have to work around the casing because there are several small bezels along the edges.

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    • Next, remove the ten 5.92mm T5 torx screws located underneath the kickstand.

    • Remove the seven 5.87mm T5 torx screws located under the camera casing. There is a sticker covering the second screw from the left.

    • Disconnect the rear cover from the main shell of the system by loosening it with a spudger where the gaps exist.

    • There is an electrical ribbon connecting the rear cover to the motherboard. Do not pull apart the rear cover from the motherboard once you have loosened the rear cover from the main system.

    • Continue working your way around to each corner and loosen the snap-ons on each side until the rear cover comes off.

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    • Rotate the device 180 degrees so that the bottom of the device is facing you.

    • A ribbon connects the battery on the rear cover, to the motherboard. Slowly lift the bottom of the rear cover up until you can see the ribbon.

    • Use a spudger to push the ribbon away from the motherboard and parallel to the motherboard in order to remove the ribbon.

    • Separate the rear cover by lifting it up away from the main system.

    • When reassembling the rear cover to the motherboard, reinserting the ribbon cable with a spudger may prove difficult. In this case, gently use your hands to slide the cable end into the slot until they click into place.

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    • The battery is glued to the back cover but can be easily removed with a spudger

    • Gently slide the spudger underneath one side of the battery and work it back and forth around all sides until the battery comes off the back cover.

    • When reassembly the back cover touch and test the adhesiveness before attaching the battery pack. Add double sided tape if needed.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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An excellent guide, i would have thought i was going to break the surface if it wasn't for this guide simply showing how to remove certain items that are just clipped in place. Highly recommend obtaining a set of plastic prising tools, available from auction sites under i-phone repair tools else you will damage the plastic covers.

bf2fusion98 - Ответить

I have a Surface RT and the battery stopped charging. Eventually, it completely drained and was no longer useable. The charger was definitely working but connecting the charger to the Surface RT did not allow functionality.

Disconnecting and reconnecting the battery solved my issue. RT now is working. Thanks! This helped me avoid replacing the power supply.

Hapa Latina - Ответить

I have been scouring the internet these past few days for a solution to the same problem you had. I have been wondering if the problem was poorly attached cables or a dead battery. Yours is the first comment I've read suggesting "yes" to incorrect cable attachment. Just to clarify: you detached and re-attached your Surface RT battery cable? You did not replace the battery with a new battery?

dw97459 -

I have a Microsoft Surface, in trying to change the battery the Surface was reassembled with glue.

Could I open it to replace the battery and then reassemble it?

Thank you.

Piero Sabino - Ответить

This is only for the Surface(1516) NOT the Surface 2 (1572) need S by S for 1572 battery.

68mustangjim - Ответить

In attempting to plastic spudge my Surface RT 1516 batteries out in order to use in another Surface RT I am worried about how much the spudging is flexing and bubbling up the battery itself as though it is clay inside a flexible aluminum covering. Is this OK? Is changing it's flat shape via spudging causing any damage to the otherwise working battery? Should I press it down to regain the flat shape prior to installing?

Thanks for any technically accurate details.


Craig Browne - Ответить

If the battery is a dud will the surface power on at all when its connected to a charger? I know on laptops you can take the battery out and the motherboard will run off the power supply I was just wondering if it was the same for the Surface.

Philip - Ответить

In response to Hapa Latina and dw97459:

My charger indicator light would not come on so I figured the charger or battery was bad. Checked the charger with a volt meter: it was working.

Taking a clue from Hapa’s post, I followed these excellent instructions but only detached and then reattached the battery and SUCCESS!

Yikes, merely detaching and reattaching battery and my charger light came on and battery now seems to be recharging. So, something got reset.

Note to others: I had never used a spudger tool before. Never even heard of it. But they are only a couple of bucks and the spade/shovel style worked well. I watched some youtube videos and took my time. Gently working the thing open.

I will not post further if my Surface takes the charge and returns to normal.

Good luck to all and thank you to the original author and to Hapa

jimtalt - Ответить

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