Use this guide to replace the battery in your Nexus 9.

  1. With your fingers, carefully pry off the back plastic casing. Starting at the corners is usually the easiest.
    • With your fingers, carefully pry off the back plastic casing. Starting at the corners is usually the easiest.

    • The rear-facing camera seems to fit a little too snugly in its compartment on the rear case; so make sure that it stays connected to the motherboard.

    Just removed the cover. On mine, there is a piece of double sided tape, 2"x1", bottom middle, sticking the back cover to the battery. The battery pack's black skin ripped as I pulled the cover off. I was able to peel the skin from the tape and reposition on the batteries. Don't think this black skin is nothing more then a way to print branding and other texts onto the batteries.

    Sccoaire - Ответить

    Same here. Ridiculous!

    rexograph143 -

    I can confirm that the camera does fit very snugly into back cover.

    Start by prying off the cover from the end opposite the camera. When you get near the camera lens, press the lens gently into the body as you continue to release the cover.

    Graham Taylor - Ответить

  2. Carefully peel up the copper shielding with your fingers.
    • Carefully peel up the copper shielding with your fingers.

    • Before fully removing the copper shielding, make sure that the blue antenna cable is out of the way of the copper tab.

    On mine, the copper shield is smaller then shown in this picture. It does not cover the battery connector, hence you don't need to remove the copper shield to remove the battery.

    Sccoaire - Ответить

    Ditto. My theory is that ours were later model Nexus 9s produced after this ifixit featured this product!

    rexograph143 -

    Sur certains modèles, la feuille de cuivre est sous la batterie et n'a pas besoin d'être enlevé.

    Rohanec - Ответить

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    • Using the spudger tool, carefully remove the bottom of the battery from it's location below the logic boards.

    • The battery is attached to the motherboard with some adhesive, so you may need an iOpener to loosen up the adhesive. Check out the iOpener guide for info on how to do it.

    • Do not pull the battery from the tablet yet, as it is still connected to the motherboard.

    On my tablet, it was not glue, but double stick tape along the both long sides. I used the iOpener, which I laid along the sides. (My iOpener had printed on it, “Wait 10 minutes before reheating again.”) I slowly peeled the tape off of the battery. The copper shielding was below the battery. I carefully peeled the tape up in hopes of reusing it.

    Gregg Ferry - Ответить

    On mine, the battery was held by two strips of double stick tape. My iOpener helped. (my iOpener had written on it, “Wait 10 minutes before reheating again. ) As I lifted the battery, I peeled the tape away from it. Then I peeled up the tape in hopes of reusing it.

    Gregg Ferry - Ответить

    • Now remove the metal clip covering the battery's connector cable located above the top left of the battery with the spudger.

    • After the metal clip is wiggled free, the battery's connector cable can be easily removed by just gently tugging it free.

    Use spudger to apply light pressure to right (as seen in picture above) side of clip near the board. Right side of clip will spring left and up. Use tweezers to lift clip upwards and to the right. It will come right out.

    Darryl Whitmore - Ответить

    White battery connector lifts straight up to disconnect.

    Darryl Whitmore - Ответить

    • The battery should now lift free of the tablet.

    Again, on my Nexus 9, were I trying to actually remove the battery, it is double side taped to the frame. The battery’s casing would be further torn to shreds, should I try to remove it.

    Good thing I’m just trying out a XDA repair for the “white/pixellated screen-150 decibel scream issue” that seems to be plaguing N9s nowadays, which involves cleaning the battery contacts. I may just have to replace it now, should it’s performance get any worse.

    (It’s almost as if HTC wants the battery to be seriously damaged if replacement is attempted.)

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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There are no batteries available in on the internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael James - Ответить

Dang. I'm gonna check anyway

MrSavedby Grace - Ответить

I could not get the clip back onto the board. Is it just to hold down the connector or is there some heatsinking going on?

Volpo - Ответить

If anyone knows where I can buy a battery, please let me know! I called HTC because I couldn't find one locally or online, and they told me that because my device was originally manufactured in Hong-Kong (purchased by me directly from Amazon, not a re-seller), they would not be able to sell me a battery or even do a replacement; I would have to contact Hong-Kong directly and go through them. Seriously, HTC? At any rate, if anyone has information on where I can find a battery it would be much appreciated.

Tim Davie - Ответить

@Volpo. The clip needs to be sprung in on one side as it has 2 "feet" and get the foot nearest the outside in, then use the plastic tool to push sideways on the other side. The clip flexes enough to do this.

neil.mitchelmore - Ответить

Sorry for the question but why it's suggested to buy the back cover. Can't the original cover be used once it's open?!

Vladimir Staykov - Ответить

if u have opened the back cover carefully, u can re-use the cover

Davide Beccarisi -

Please read the comments under each step. New developments have come to light. At some point, HTC revamped the build to damage the battery when opening the cover, and yet again if full removal is attempted. (So glad I bought this piece of junk!)

rexograph143 - Ответить

Anyone know where I can get the battery connector on the PCB from?

Andrew walker - Ответить

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