This guide will take you through the steps of removing the joystick. This will come in handy if you have a rogue joystick


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  1. Place the controller (buttons down) on a solid surface.
    • Place the controller (buttons down) on a solid surface.

    • Remove the six 9.2mm Tri-wing Y0 screws that hold the back panel in place.

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  2. Gently lift the back panel up, separating it from the front panel.
    • Gently lift the back panel up, separating it from the front panel.

    • Some of the buttons may fall out if they are knocked around.

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    • Grab the Z-button by the peg with tweezers and lift it out of the controller.

    • During re-assembly, make sure the plastic rim and spring fit into the slot provided, or else the case will not shut.

    So how do you put it back in like the replacement because I have a controller I'm working a junker my Friend gave me and I'm trying to fix it the z button doesn't work here it's a pelican wireless controller it's actually not to bad bulky but not bad

    Justin Sebastian - Ответить

    • Carefully unhook the cable that is looped around the peg.

    Um can soneone explain the peg and cable part? I dont understand it...

    Tyler Goamez - Ответить

    I would say that the cable is somehow "hooked" to the case and you have to get the cable away from the case so that you can pull out the board

    My1 -

    • Lift the circuit board out of the controller.

      • Do not grab the rumble motor to lift the circuit board as shown in the picture. It will in many cases just remove the rumble motor. Instead, grab the edges of the board.

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    • Grab the base of the grey cover and pull it off.

    • During reassembly, make sure the slots inside the joy stick line up so they can fit back together.

    Where can you get the square device under the the plastic joy stick

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    Love your site, I am actually trying to replace the analog underneath my joystick. This site is a great reference tool for different fixes though. I will definitely be visiting again in the future.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Great guide, but I'm looking to buy replacement joysticks and I can't find them anywhere. Where would I find those?

Joe Freedman - Ответить

When I removed the joystick it would come off. The plastic was stuck too hard to the joystick so I accidentally broke it in half. Is there anyway to glue it back together?

Mattias Wirsenius - Ответить

@Tyler Lovejoy - That's already part of the controller.

@Joe Freedman - Try Amazon.com

@Mattias Wirsenius - At this point it would be best to buy a new controller.

builderman1q2w3e4r - Ответить

This guide is quite unhelpful; it tells you how to remove the stick but not how to repair it. My controller's joystick has sunken into the controller and stays slightly tilted if i move it to the right. Yet when I go to the "rogue joystick" portion of the troubleshooting guide, it tells me to repair the joystick if it's not correctly attached to the motherboard. Seriously, there needs to be a more in-depth guide if such repairs are possible.

J DC - Ответить

without taking the controller completely apart, pull the joystick straight up with your hand

McRedstoneYT -


This forum post has some options to make your stick unwobbly.

lwbnjio - Ответить

my controller cannot receive inputs left or right, only up and down. i tried unplugging it and plugging it back in, but it did not help. i dont know what is wrong.

Liam Scollins - Ответить

did you ever find a fix?

Hendrik Helwig -

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