A guide on how to replace the glass on a Sony Xperia Play.


Никакие детали не требуются.

Remove the 6 silver torx screws marked in red
  • Remove the 6 silver torx screws marked in red

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Remove the 7 black torx screws marked in yellow.
  • Remove the 7 black torx screws marked in yellow.

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  • Using a plastic prying tool, go around the outside of the phone releasing the plastic clips.

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  • Remove the plastic housing revealing the motherboard

  • Remove the two Phillips screws.

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  • Remove the headphone jack by carefully moving the dark plastic clip on the connector to 90 degrees

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  • Slide the phone to the open position

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  • Remove the display connector marked in orange using a plastic spudger to pry it upwards

  • Remove the connector for the front buttons by prising the retaining clip to 90 degrees

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  • Remove motherboard

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  • Remove the buttons from the phone

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  • Remove the three Phillips screws.

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  • Slide the metal frame across revealing the last screw . Make sure to keep the plastic cover after removing the screw

  • Disconnect the digitizer cable

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  • Insert a plastic spudger around the edge of the frame and take the lcd assembely from the glass

  • Using a heat gun heat around the edges of the glass to soften the glue, and use your prying tool between the glass and the frame to take the glass off.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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