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[* icon_note] Do not attempt to fully remove the LCD. It is still connected to the iPad by several cables at the home button end. Lift only from the front-facing camera end.
[* black] Insert the flat end of a spudger under the LCD between it and the LCD shield plate and lift gently.
[* icon_caution] Be very careful not to get the spudger under the shield plate. It must be between the LCD and the shield.
[* icon_caution] Even bending the LCD slightly can permanently damage it, so be extremely careful as you lift.
[* icon_note] There are two long thin strips of adhesive (one on either side) that run along the edges of the display.
[* icon_reminder] To reduce chances of cracking the LCD the two most used methods without prying up are:
[* black] Running a thin fishing line under the display starting from the top then working your way down
[* black] Using a thin plastic card or a plastic money note to cut through the adhesive starting from the top.