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about me

I'm Taylor Dixon! I was born in the golden age of technology (the nineties) in Logan, Utah. I spend my time climbing, cycling, tinkering, and binging internet content. I also love dogs, even though I'm allergic to them.

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education: a journey

After graduating high school in Woods Cross, UT, I returned to Logan to attend Utah State University (go Aggies!) to pursue a degree in Computer Science. Two years into my degree I was feeling like I wasn’t going to come away from my education with anything I couldn’t learn on the world wide web, so I decided to end my CS classes when I hit the requirement for the CS minor program, and explore alternate major options.

It was a big crossroads for me—the CS major had always seemed like it was the only option for me, a tech-obsessed twenty-something, but I felt like USU’s program was preparing me for a job ten years in the past. My entire life revolved around technology, and I couldn’t imagine doing anything long-term that didn’t at least involve opening up the inspector tool in Google Chrome or deep-dive researching the latest iPhone rumors.

Enter technical writing, a sub-category of the English major I discovered during my search for a new life purpose. I’ve always enjoyed writing, and consider myself a pretty great explainer of things. The TW program at USU turned out to be amazing, and I spent the last two years of my bachelor’s degree in (almost) pure bliss, learning about communication, rhetoric, UX design, and honing my writing and editing skills.

skills / repair background

My greatest skill is the voracious appetite I have for technology. My memory is really bad in just about every way, but for some reason it’s easy for me to stay on top of the hundreds of new devices that are released every day. I can’t tell you what I did two weekends ago, but I can definitely tell you the specs, release date, and industry impact of just about any impending tech.

Thanks to my tech obsession I’ve owned more gadgets than I can count, and I’ve fixed more than I’ve owned. As the designated tech support kid in most of my social circles, I spent most of my life accumulating myriad hardware and software repair experiences.

My time here at iFixit has definitely swung me back to the hardware side of repair, but I do also try to stay on top of all major desktop and mobile OS updates and keep my front-end dev skills at least sort of sharp. Gotta make sure that CS minor doesn’t go to waste. ;)

what I do at iFixit

I’m a technical writer & teardown engineer here at iFixit. I spend my days taking photos, making guides, doing research, and occasionally tearing down new gadgets! I’ve been on the iFixit team since August of 2018.

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my favorite technology

  • The Blackberry Pearl
  • 120Hz iPad Pro displays
  • Intel’s NUC computers (I love small desktops)
  • Pebble smartwatches
  • Anything else with an e-paper display
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Unibody MacBook Pros (2009–2012)

Разборки, над которыми я работаю

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Guides I've Helped Translate

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