Removing the display on the Late 2012 iMac requires cutting adhesive with a specialized iMac opening tool. After you've completed your repair, you'll need to follow our Adhesive Strip Guide to scrape off the old adhesive and replace it with new double-stick adhesive strips.

    • With the hinge free to move, the iMac will be unbalanced and hard to work on. Repairs can be completed as shown, but are faster and easier with an iMac service wedge.

    • Before beginning any work on your iMac: Unplug the computer and press and hold the power button for ten seconds to discharge the power supply's capacitors.

    • Be very careful not to touch the capacitor leads or any exposed solder joints on the back of the power supply. Only handle the board by the edges.

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  1. Starting on the left of the display, near the power button, insert the iMac Opening Tool into the gap between the glass panel and the rear enclosure.
    • Starting on the left of the display, near the power button, insert the iMac Opening Tool into the gap between the glass panel and the rear enclosure.

    • The hub on the iMac Opening Tool will keep you from pushing the wheel in too far. If using a different tool, insert no more than 3/8" into the display. Otherwise, you risk severing antenna cables and causing serious damage.

    • Be gentle! The glass may crack if pried too much. Use a hairdryer to heat the edges and loosen the tape if the room temperatures are low.

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    • Use the tool like a pizza cutter—roll it along through the gap, and it will cut the foam adhesive through the center.

    • Be sure to always push with the handle behind the cutting wheel. If you pull, the wheel might get pulled out of the handle.

    • Run the tool up along the left side of the display.

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    • Continue running the tool up around the top left corner.

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    • Cut the adhesive along the top left of the display.

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    • Continue along the top of the display.

    • You may want to run the tool back and forth through what you've already cut a few times, to ensure you get as much of the adhesive separated as possible.

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    • Push the tool around the top right corner of the display.

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    • Wheel the tool down along the right side of the display.

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    Spread the Fixmas cheer.


    Spread the Fixmas cheer.

    • Finish pushing the opening tool to the bottom of the right side of the display.

    • At this point, you'll want to run the tool back around the entire display, to ensure you cut as much adhesive as possible.

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    • While the opening tool cut most of the adhesive, the display will still be slightly adhered to the case. A plastic card will be necessary to free up the last of this adhesive.

    • Set the iMac face-up on a table.

    • Starting from the top right corner of the iMac, wedge a plastic card between the display and frame.

    • Be careful not to insert the plastic card more than 3/8", or you may damage internal components.

    Don't forget to place the mac face up on the table. Unlike older models, there is no more flap at the bottom holding the display in place. If you do these steps with the Mac upright, the screen will pop out, hit your table, and shatter :( Don't ask me how I know.

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    So sorry. Thanks for that caution.

    Ted Horodynsky - Ответить

    John. May I contact outside of this posting for a question please? Thank you. Ted.

    Ted Horodynsky - Ответить

    • Gently twist the plastic card sideways to create a gap between the display and frame.

    • Move slowly and be careful not to stress the display glass too much—you only need to make a gap of about 1/4".

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    • Slide the card toward the center of the display to cut any of the remaining adhesive along the top right corner of the iMac.

    • Be sure to stop before the iSight camera, or you may damage it.

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    • Wedge the plastic card into the top right corner once again and let it stay there to keep the adhesive from resettling.

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    • Insert a second plastic card into the gap between the display and frame located at the top left corner of the iMac.

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    • Gently twist the card upward, slightly increasing the space between the display and frame.

    • As with the other side, twist slowly to allow the adhesive time to separate, and be careful not to over-stress the display glass.

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    • Slide the plastic card toward the center, again stopping just before the iSight camera.

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    • Wedge the plastic card back into the top left corner.

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    • With both plastic cards inserted as shown near the corners, gently twist the cards sideways to increase the gap between display and case.

    • If there are any sections that seem to stick and won't separate, stop twisting and use one of the cards to cut the remaining adhesive.

    • Begin to lift the top of the display up from the frame.

    • Only lift the display a few inches—the display data and power cables are still connected to the logic board.

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    • While holding the display up with one hand, use the other hand to unplug the display power cable. Make sure that you pull the cable out from the plastic tab, and not by pulling on the color wires.

    • Lift the display up enough to have easy access to the connector, but not so much that you stretch the cables and stress their connections (about 8").

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    • Use the tip of a spudger to flip up the metal retaining bracket on the display data cable.

    • Carefully pull the display data cable from its socket on the logic board.

    • Be sure to pull the display data cable connector straight out of its socket.

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    • Lift the display up to a near-vertical position.

    • At this point there is still a strip of adhesive along the bottom of the display, that will hold the display to the frame like a hinge. You can loosen this adhesive by working the display up and down a few times.

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    • If necessary, a plastic card can be used to cut any remaining sections of the bottom adhesive strip.

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    • Lift the display up from the frame and remove it from the iMac.

    • It may be necessary to slowly lift from one side, to peel against the remaining adhesive.

    • Be very careful handling the display—it's big, heavy, and made of glass.

    • Upon reassembly, now is the time to go to the Adhesive Strips Guide after cleaning off all the old adhesive. iMac Intel 21.5" EMC 2544 Adhesive Strips Replacement

    After removing the display, I also removed the 3 screws for the processor fan, disconnected the power connector for it and set the fan shroud aside. Disconnecting the remaining cable (similar style to 1 of the cables for the display) that is in the way of the RAM chips is all that's left to do. I was then able to access and quickly remove the two Apple-provided RAM chips, and replace them with 3rd party RAM. Turning the iMac on its side, so that it's in a position where you're physically putting the RAM chips DOWNWARD into their respective slots is the best way to go about uninstalling and reinstalling the chips. Using a narrow but long'ish plastic spudger tool is the best way to defeat the spring-tabs which hold the RAM chips in place. After removing the LCD display, changing the RAM is about a 10 minute process!! And I'd SURE prefer not to remove all the parts and risk damage to the iMac via the standard procedure listed. As per usual, take your time and work gently :-)

    Mitch K - Ответить

    Teardown the whole machine just to change RAM? While preparing to comment on this procedure I just noticed the comment made by Mitch K above. I ran pretty much the same procedure that he describes this afternoon (steps 1-23, 43-45, and step 55). Then I swapped out the original 2x4GB RAM chips for 2x8GB chips by reaching behind the logic board, releasing the spring retaining clips one chip at a time (starting with the chip further away from the logic board), pivoting the RAM towards the back of the machine, and then carefully sliding it out of the slot. I easily slid in the new chips and then pivoted them to lock them down. No hassle, no time lost. As Mitch K states above, not only is this “shortcut” method much quicker and easier, but it provides less risk of damaging cables, sockets and other delicate components during a total teardown. Why mess with the power supply board just to change RAM? I do not advise to follow the current iFixit.com procedure written by Sam Lionheart, regardless of user skill-level.

    MacSandor - Ответить

    THAT sounds one !&&* of a lot easier than the full tear down. I wonder if there’s a video of the process described by Mitch K? Adding that to these verbal instructions would really help relieve the apprehension and anxiety around the process! I do sometimes find the additional warnings, though appreciated from a “safety first” perspective, are somewhat overstated. It’s been a very long time since I shorted out RAM, or fried a PCB, or broke a connector, regardless of how finicky, fragile or awkwardly designed and positioned. I may have WANTED to break something, and the air might be blue for a few seconds, but inevitably, things go back together, the start button gets pressed, the startup chime sounds, and we’re in business. Practice DOES make as close to perfect we are likely to get.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse and use our Adhesive Strips Guide to reattach the display glass.

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It was really easy but the display did not power on for me. Any suggestions?

Edward Bennett - Ответить

Can you replace just the top glass panel.

colin - Ответить

it’s all in one display, you cannot disamble onlye glas panel

Mr 0x01 -

Ajudou muito!!!!!!!

kelson - Ответить

Done in 20 Min :D

John Grace - Ответить

Merci pour ce tuto! Toutefois l’écran est vraiment très fragile et il vaut mieux attaquer directement avec le heat gun vendu par iFixit (ou un sèche cheveux) tout autour du cadre et passer la roulette au fur et a mesure pour éviter que ça craque lorsqu’on veut ouvrir l'iMac. Croyez moi ça craque super facilement si vous tentez d’y aller directement avec la roulette et les cartes en plastique! Je vous conseille aussi de mettre des gants. Je me suis ouvert un doigt la 1ere fois en glissant le long du cadre en aluminium qui est très fin. Comme expliqué dans la vidéo l'écran est plus lourd qu’on ne l’imagine, soyez prudent ;)

Daniel Lafargue - Ответить

The key is to be patient. Let the adhesive slowly release. Worked perfectly. I find that old credit card, ID cards, etc work in place of an iFixit plastic card. I strongly recommend the iMac Opening Tool though.

Elvin Lucic - Ответить

Also, before using iso-propyl alcohol to clean off the adhesive, first use you fingernail to carefully pull up the edge of a strip and pull on it to remove large sections easily. The bottom strip is fiddly to get an edge of but should peel off in a single piece if you get hold of either end. Makes final cleanup with iso quick and easy.

Elvin Lucic - Ответить

What is the bezel made out of? I scratched the black behind the glass when removing the adhesive from the display…

Kalan Howse - Ответить

Glass with black paint.

cpaden607 -

I followed the instruction carefully and replaced a hard drive and put display back I just get a black screen,I can heard the chimes but no video.


Rosa Diaz - Ответить

Check again the flat that connects the display on the motherboard, maybe you didn’t insert it correctly.

PetrosMac -

have you solved ? i had the same problem

cufre -

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