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This guide will help you replace the RAM.

  1. iMac Intel 27" EMC 2429 RAM Replacement, Access Door: step 1, image 1 of 2 iMac Intel 27" EMC 2429 RAM Replacement, Access Door: step 1, image 2 of 2
    • Loosen the three Phillips screws securing the access door to the bottom edge of your iMac.

    • These screws will remain captive in the access door.

    • Remove the access door from your iMac.

    • During reassembly, fasten the access door loosely and align it with the pocket cut into the outer case of the iMac before fully tightening the screws.

    I am going to put a very important comment here. Before you start this process listen to the fans on your iMac do any of them sound obviously loud (think about how quiet your iMac used to sound as a reference) If you notice one or more of them sounding substantially loud compared to the others consider locating a replacement fan prior starting this process. After all if you are already “in the neighborhood” it is a shame to do all this work only to have to disassemble your imac a couple weeks later because you realize the fan is failing. I speak from my own personal learning experience of having to disassembly my iMac 3 weeks later because the HDD was failing and apparently the moving the fan around was just enough to push it to start really under performing.

    Wizbang FL - Ответить

    I’m not sure why it is necessary to remove the RAM. As far as I can tell, it can remain in place during this procedure.

    gordonhamachi - Ответить

  2. iMac Intel 27" EMC 2429 RAM Replacement, RAM: step 2, image 1 of 1
    • Use your fingers or the tip of a spudger to slide the black plastic RAM tray pull tab out of the RAM slot.

    Bonjour, j’ai arraché la languette. Conséquence, elle est inutilisable et je ne peux pas retirer la barrette. Comment faire autrement ? Est-ce que cet outil peut être utile ?

    Robert Ainstain - Ответить

  3. iMac Intel 27" EMC 2429 RAM Replacement: step 3, image 1 of 2 iMac Intel 27" EMC 2429 RAM Replacement: step 3, image 2 of 2
    • Pull the black plastic tab away from the iMac to eject the RAM chip from its socket.

    • The RAM modules are firmly seated and may require a fair amount of force to remove.

    • Use your fingers to slide the RAM chip out of its socket.

    • If necessary, repeat this process for the other RAM module(s).

    How many 4MB cards can I install?

    nowsc - Ответить

    None. 4mb ram is too old to fit into any computer manufactured after like 1998.

    Brett Davison - Ответить


    I suggest that you learn your unit symbols before you try to appear clever:

    4mb == 4 milli bits

    4MB == 4 mega bytes

    nowsc was obviously meaning 4GB not 4MB, try not to be a dick.

    Simon - Ответить

    Just for the records :

    4 millibits are 0,000000004 MB

    There was never any RAM in mb and the question states MB and nobody except you is talking of millibits.

    You are also a dick if you try to spread “your knowledge” nobody has asked for

    Hein Blöd -

    Take care to note which way out the RAM comes - there is a notch in each RAM and it is not centered, therefore either the notch will be on the left or to the right (depending on which way up you have your iMac). This will make it easier to replace the RAM without damaging anything.

    Mike Haines - Ответить

    If damaged the notch inside one pair of RAM slots, is it fixable ?

    Gavriil Bordyukov - Ответить


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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My iMac 21.5-inch Mid 2011 has EMC 2428, but still directions turned out to be the same.

I replaced the memory in my MacBook Pro, and used the old cards (2x2GB) to fill out the 2 empty slots that apple left empty, doubled the memory of 2 machines for the price of one ^_^

Mabel Xu - Ответить

So confused. I have an end 2429 and I ordered some memory hut its says notebook memory, do these machines use the same type of ram?

Kosta Kritikos -

Thanks ifixit team, I did it. It is really piece of cake! Thanks again!

prelude0214 - Ответить

What's the real max capacity for the RAM?

Angel Pimienta - Ответить

16 Gb (4 x 4 Gb) DDR3 1333 MHz

Aleksei Marinichev -

16gb according to Apple but 32gb is no problem I would recommend using all identical sticks ie. same manufacturer/speed etc etc.

I have run 32gb for years in that machine With no issues.

Richard Reichle -

Hi, can I add one Ram of 4MB and one of 8Mb?

Cristian Catanescu - Ответить

You can but it’s not an ideal configuration

Richard Reichle -

Hi, according to Mactracker the iMac 27 inch mid 2011 can have up to 32GB of RAM. Anyone tested this?

Bård Arve Evjen - Ответить

Absolutely I have 32gb and I have used that config since it was new

Richard Reichle -

Thanks so much! I just pulled them out did vacuum, & stuck them back in. You saved me an expensive trip to the computer repair store.

Lindaj - Ответить

With EMC 2429 can I upgrade just two of the four RAM slots? ie I currently have 4x2 GB RAM (8GB total), can I replace just two if the ram chips with 4 GB chips so I end up with 2x4GB and 2x2GB (12GB total) installed? Many thanks

Rich - Ответить

Yes, you can. As long as you are installing as a pair, you can replace two 2GB (2x2) with two 4GB (2x4).

Mikkif -

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