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iPad Air 2 LTE 显示组件更换

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iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi 前面板拆解程序

iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi版屏幕组件的更换

iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi屏幕组件的更换

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    Follow this guide to replace a broken front panel assembly on an iPad Air 2 LTE. The front panel or display assembly consists of the glass digitizer on top and the fused LCD underneath. In the iPad Air 2, these two parts are not separable and must be replaced as one piece.
    Note that the fingerprint scanner in the home button is paired to the iPad's logic board. In order to maintain Touch ID functionality, you must transfer your original home button to the new display assembly.
    This process can fix issues like a cracked glass digitizer, a non-responsive touchscreen, or a broken LCD screen.
    Parts of this guide were shot with a Wi-Fi model and as such the internals may look slightly different from the LTE model. The procedure is the same for both models except where noted.
    '''Warning: the battery isolation method in this guide is outdated, and may result in irreversible damage to the battery pins of the logic board, effectively destroying it. If you choose to isolate the battery this way, heed all warnings and work extremely carefully. If you choose to complete the guide without isolating the battery, avoid using metal tools except when completely necessary (like when removing screws) to prevent shorting the battery and damaging sensitive circuit components.'''

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