Show Off the Inside of Your iPhone X With These Wallpapers

Show Off the Inside of Your iPhone X With These Wallpapers

We’ve just finished up with our iPhone X teardown (and what a teardown it was)—which means there’s only one item left on our teardown check-list: iPhone X wallpapers.

iPhone X x-ray wallpaper

Every year, we cap off our teardown extravaganza by releasing wallpapers that show off the sweet internals of your iPhone. Apple spent too much effort on the iPhone X’s hardware to cover it up with glass that you can’t even see through. If you’re not interested in peeling up the OLED screen with a Suction Handle, like we do, then a wallpaper of your iPhone X internals is the next-best, less-destructive thing.

With these sweet wallpapers, you can basically pretend you’re looking straight through the screen and into the heart of your phone—like you have X-ray vision. And speaking of X-rays—this year, we have two internals options for you: a gorgeous, high-resolution image and an X-ray image of your iPhone X insides. By the way, the edge-to-edge display makes this set of wallpapers especially slick.

Here’s how you get yours:

For best results, navigate to this blog post on your phone. Find the image you want as your wallpaper and click on the photo for the full resolution. Then, save the image on to your phone. You can set the wallpaper from “Wallpapers” in your phone’s Settings—“Choose a New Wallpaper” lists your recent photos, including downloads.

Both “Still” and “Perspective” work, but I like “Still” a little more.

Click the photos below for the full resolution image.

iPhone X Wallpaper
iPhone X Wallpaper

iPhone X Ray Wallpaper
iPhone X … X-ray Wallpaper

Full props to our friends at Creative Electron for the amazing X-ray shot! We’re still working on wallpapers for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus (stay tuned for those). We’ve also added brand-new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus internals wallpapers. And you can find wallpapers for your iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, as well as the 5s/5c and iPhone 5 on our blog.

If all these wallpapers have got you wondering what those bits and bobs inside your iPhone X actually do, then check out our video teardown:

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