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Smashed iPad Mini 2 screen replaced successfully!

Jeff G -

iPad Mini Wi-Fi

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iPad Mini Wi-Fi Front Panel Assembly Replacement

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Моя проблема

The iPad Mini 2 was not even a year old and the replacement price was considerably more

Моё решение

Since the directions were geared towards not shattering an existing front panel, the directions were a bit difficult on a smashed screen. I finally had to just get an old pairing knife and go to town pushing the shards of glass away from the edge of the iPad. I nearly lost the smart cover magnets on the old front panel because they aren't mentioned in the directions until after the panel is removed. Luckily, I was able to dig through the pile of glass and glue carefully and recover them.

The one part where I thought that I had failed at repair was when I didn't take my time to make sure the front panel digitizer connector was properly lined-up. I bent some of the pins and was sure that I had ruined the iPad for sure. That was my mistake for not taking my time.

Thankfully, I was able to realign the small wires within the connector with the tweezers that came with the kit and get the connector to seat properly.

The iPad Mini 2 looked great after the repair and my son was very relieved.

Мой совет

Always read through the directions fully once before starting the repair! You will know to look for things that you might have otherwise missed.

iPad mini 1/2 Screen Digitizer Изображение
iPad mini 1/2 Screen Digitizer


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