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So Simple, Even Your Parents Could Do It!

Ramon Simon -

iPhone 6

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How to Replace Your iPhone 6 Battery

45 мин.

Very easy

Моя проблема

The battery was worn-out and no longer holding a charge.

Apple refused to ship the battery directly to me that I was PAYING FOR, to repair a phone that I OWN.

With a jeweler's magnifying headset, and tools provided by iFixit, 30 minutes later... I had a new battery installed.

Моё решение


Мой совет

The screws and parts are extremely microscopic! Don’t strain your eyes, or rely on your regular glasses to properly see what you’re doing. Buy yourself a simple magnifying headset, they’re pretty inexpensive and practical. Also, organize the screws/parts that you remove. I use an ice tray that I label.

iPhone 6 Replacement Battery Изображение
iPhone 6 Replacement Battery


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