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Steam Deck Fan Repair

Matthew Richardson -

Steam Deck

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Steam Deck Fan Replacement

15 мин.


Моя проблема

My Steam Deck had the loud whining fan, and noticed temperature issues.

Моё решение

Repair went great, this has been the easiest repair I've done in awhile. I used to repair several iPhones and this was a piece of cake in comparison.

Мой совет

Definitely read the ifixit guide and carefully follow the steps they show. Take your time with it and have fun. The main advice I have is to be extra gentle with the small fan power connector. Its so tiny and there were times i felt like I would break it but in the end it went well. The new fan is absolutely amazing, i barely hear it while playing more intensive games. This repair was definitely worth it.

Steam Deck (Original Model) Fan Изображение
Steam Deck (Original Model) Fan


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