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Saved iPad 2 From Broken Front Panel

mamos68 -


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iOpener Instructions

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Моя проблема

I'm a computer technician, but had never attempted a front panel replacement on an iPad. A customer of mine dropped his iPad 2, shattering his front panel in the process, and asked me to attempt the repair.

Моё решение

The iOpener was an invaluable tool for this repair. It successfully melted the adhesive under the front panel. As others have said before me, because the old front panel was broken, it made the removal process a little harder. I basically had to break chunks off the right side of the old front panel and the upper left corner and work my way around the cracks. Be careful when doing this because the LCD is under the front panel and you don't want to scratch it.

I also broke the wireless antenna and had to replace it at my expense. I ordered a cheap replacement from another site, and I successfully replaced it, but it cost me probably another 45 minutes in labor. That thing is FRAGILE, and while the guide does tell you to be careful around it, I wasn't as careful as I should be.

But other than that, the repair, and the ifixit guide were a huge help. I'd say it took me two hours total, even with having to remove the logic board to replace the wireless antenna.

Мой совет

Be CAREFUL around the wireless antenna. The antenna is adhered to the back of the front panel and attached to the back of the logic board, and it was very intricate work to replace it, not to mention an extra monetary cost to me. The best advice I can give here is to be sure you get a tool (I have a set of ifixit metal spudgers) in between the front panel and the end of the antenna and release the antenna from the front panel very carefully. If you look at the picture in step 11 on the guide, that is the end of the wireless antenna, and what the guide doesn't tell you is that antenna is actually broken. It should NOT be attached to the front panel once it is removed. If it is, you broke the antenna.

My included pictures are shots of the broken antenna on the back of the old front panel and a stand alone picture of the broken antenna. If you compare that antenna to the picture in step 11 you can see that they are both broken.

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