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3rd Party Battery Installation Trick for Misshapen A1181 Batteries

3rd party (non-OEM) A1181 batteries are often...

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"Jump-Starting" a Dead MacBook Battery by Resetting the SMC

This guide demonstrates how to reset the SMC in...

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Fixing the MacBook "Floppy Screen" Loose Screen Issue

This video demonstrates repair of the "floppy...

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How to Repair and Replace MacBook Keys

Check out the attached video for a guide to...

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(Archived) How to Remove a stuck game from an Xbox 360

READ ME: This guide has been archived by the...

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Game Boy Advance Back Panel Replacement

How to remove the back panel from a Game Boy...

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Motorola V188 Battery Replacement

This guide goes through the steps of accessing...

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How to repair the MagSafe Magnetic End

As you can see by the photos, I took a broken...