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Ученик, из нашей образовательной программы, сделал это руководство. Он не входит в персонал iFixit.

Asus Zenbook UX21e Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you identify issues with your Asus Zenbook UX21e.

Keyboard/Keys Not Responding

Keys are stuck or missing, or the keystroke is not registering.

Keys Stuck

If keys are stuck (either forced to the top and unable to compress or unable to rise after being pressed), remove the keycaps and clean any foreign objects underneath them.

Keys Missing

If keys are missing their keycaps, replace them.

Keys Not Responding

If no keys are responding, but you are signed in, use your onscreen keyboard to see if you can turn it back on. Here is Microsoft's guide on accessing the onscreen keyboard.

If no keys are responding and you followed the above step, try replacing it.

If key presses don't register at regular intervals, it is related to design of the ZenBook and it is recommended to type slower.

Unexpected System Shut Down

System shuts down unexpectedly.

After Unplugging Charger

If the zenbook dies after unplugging the A/C adapter, you need to run a BIOS update.

While Unplugged and in Use

If the ZenBook dies while A/C adapter is unplugged, and while on your battery, first check your system temperature.

If it is overheating, the system will shut down and you should follow the overheating guide.

If it is not overheating, the battery or battery connection to the motherboard is faulty. Replace connection or battery.

WIFI Not Responding

Device does not connect to or cannot find WIFI.

Cannot Locate WIFI Signal

If your device cannot locate your desired WIFI signal, check if the WIFI router or modem is functioning properly.

If your device cannot locate any WIFI signals, check if your WIFI is enabled.

If the above steps have failed, try replacing your WIFI card.

Cannot Connect to WIFI Signal

If WIFI is enabled, use the control panel to remove all networks, then reboot your device.

If you cannot connect after a very recent Windows Update, restore to a previous version of Windows.

If the previous steps have failed, try replacing your WIFI card.

Device Start Up Issues

The device tries to run First Time Device Setup Program, or the screen may not respond.

Device Resets on Boot Up

If, when booting up your device, the First Time Device Setup program runs, you have either a corrupted O.S or a faulty hard drive.

If you downloaded windows yourself, follow setup guidance and reinstall windows from installation media or backup media.

If you purchased the device with windows installed, and the vendor did not give you the windows installation media with the device, contact your vendor to retrieve the installation media key and create your own installation media. Then follow setup guidance and reinstall windows from installation media or backup media.

If this happens after rebooting your device again, your hard drive is faulty and needs replacement.

Device Powers on, but Screen is Black

If your device powers on, but the screen, while lit, remains black, you may have a disconnection between your hard drive and the motherboard. Check the connections between the hard drive, motherboard, and device screen.

If all connections are connected correctly, check if the screen is functioning by connecting the device to an external monitor. If the external monitor works, replace the screen. Otherwise, replace the hard drive. If both fail, you may need to replace the motherboard.

Battery Not Responding

Device does not show battery as charging when plugged in or fails to hold a charge after unplugged.

Device is Plugged in and Not Charging

If the device is powered on and plugged, yet shows the battery as not charging, reboot the device. It may be a visual bug.

If the above failed, try unplugging the device. If it dies soon after. Then test if it charges while off and plugged in. If these fail, you need to replace the battery.

If the new battery cannot charge, you need to replace the charging port.

Device Losses Charge Extremely Quickly

If the device losses charge extremely quickly, start conditioning the battery.

If conditioning the battery doesn’t have a great effect, you should consider replacing the battery.

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