Pressing the power button does not turn on the device.

The most likely cause is that the battery needs to be recharged before the phone can be used again. This will happen every 1-10 days, depending on phone use.

  • Charge the phone battery using the mini USB charge cable.

The BlackBerry 7280 battery has a life of one to three years. The battery may be completely dead and needs replacing.

Device runs for 40 minutes or so and then shuts off.

This is a software problem with the operating system of the BlackBerry. A reboot will re-install the operating system.

  1. Back up your contacts and data using the BlackBerry desktop manager software that comes with your device.
  2. Download the free Jl_Cmder software, which can be used to wipe your operating system. This software and instructions for use can be found at the BlackBerry forums. Another useful step-by-step on the Jl_Cmder software is found at this forum.
  3. Open the BlackBerry desktop manager and select "application loader." Follow the directions given until the manager says the operation was successful.
  4. Return to the desktop manager home screen and select "Backup and Restore", and restore from the backup made before the wipe.

The red charging light flickers but does not stay on and the device does not charge.

The BlackBerry 7280 battery has a life of one to three years. The battery may be completely dead and needs replacing.

If the charging cord appears to be damaged in any way, this is most likely the case. However, if the battery is new, even if the cord does not look damaged, replacing the charging cord could solve this problem.

  • A new cord must be purchased.

If neither the battery nor the charger are faulty, the piece that connects the battery to the logic board may be broken. Replace this using the battery connector installation guide.

An image appears with the number 507 below it and no other operations can be performed.

Block Image

Error 507 image

Error 507 signifies that there is no operating system installed. This will occur after the device has been wiped. Unfortunately, unless the device has been backed up recently, contacts and data from the device are lost.

  • A new operating system will need to be installed using the BlackBerry desktop manager. Instructions for installing an operating system can be found here.

The device is not picking up your voice during phone calls.

If the microphone is not picking up voices during calls, the microphone is probably faulty.

Certain keys on the keyboard do not respond when pressed.

The keys on the keypad may be compacted or broken entirely, preventing contact between the keypad and the inner keyboard.

The inner keyboard, which connects the keypad to the logic board may have faulty contacts.

Other non-hard ware issues (anything not obviously a physically broken piece)

To fix a number of common issues, do a "battery pull." Refer the battery installation guide for how to remove the battery.

  1. Turn off all power to device.
  2. Remove battery.
  3. Leave battery out for about 30 seconds.
  4. Replace the battery and turn on the device.

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