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InFocus LP435Z Troubleshooting

Projector Speaker Does Not Output Sound

If the projector speaker does not output sound, it could be due to a faulty speaker or a problem with the audio connection to the projector.

Faulty Speaker

The speaker may have become faulty after use. The power supply board needs to be replaced since the speaker is built into the power supply.

Projector Does Not Turn On

Fan is Running and LED is On

First remove the lens cap if it is on. If this doesn't work then reseat the lamp. Remove the lamp and place it back in. If this doesn't work then the lamp needs to be replaced. If replacing the lamp doesn't work you may need to replace the power supply board.

Fan isn't Running and LED is On

The power cord could be broken. Replace the power cord and/or change the outlet.

Projector Produces Excess Fan Noise

If the fans are producing an above average level of noise, the projector is probably overheating due to dust clogging the air vents. Try cleaning the air filter grate. If the problem persists replace the main fan and/or the secondary fan.

Projector is Overheating

The projector is being overworked and the fan will run faster to keep the projector cool. Clean and vacuum the vents since the dust can hinder the air flow in the projector. Lowering the brightness of the projector could help as well, since the lamp would then operate at a lower temperature.

The Projected Image is Blurry

Possible causes are:

Lens is Unfocused

The projector may be unfocused. Refocus the image by rotating the zoom and focus rings around the lens of the projector.

Lens is Dirty or Damaged

The lens could have a lot of dust covering it. Wipe the lens with a clean, lint-free cloth and remove all the dust. If this doesn't work then the lens must be replaced.

Projected Image is Dim

If the projected image is dim and the lens is clear of dust and the surface being projected upon is clean and reflective (i.e a white screen), there could be a problem with the DLP board. Try replacing the DLP board.

Lighting from Other Sources is Brighter than the Projected Image

The lighting from other sources may be brighter than the image from the projector. Dim the lights in the room by turning off lights and closing curtains or blinds.

Lamp is Getting Old

As the lamp is used, its maximum brightness. Replacing the lamp could improve the brightness of the projector.

Projector has Diagonal Lines Moving Across the Image

Faulty Power Connection

First try another outlet and/or power wire to be sure the disruption is coming from the projector. If this is the case the problem is most likely a faulty power supply. See InFocus LP435Z Power Supply Replacement.

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The lamps used to come on but when I connected a dvd play to it the light went out. Now the light comes on very dim then goes back out then repeats.

John - Ответить

Ok I removed the lamp and reset it and now the lamp comes on and stays on after I connect the DVD player. However, now the image shutters a little.

John -

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