Will Not Charge Your Apple Device ¶ 

Apple device's charge indicator does not appear when connected.

Check Power ¶ 

Be sure that your dock is connected to a wall outlet or your computer so that it will charge your device.

Error Message "Charging is not supported with this accessory" ¶ 

This problem may be caused by a poor connection between the dock and your Apple device and can be resolved by disconnecting the iPhone/iPod and:

  • Waiting a minute before reconnecting it to the JBL dock
  • Cleaning the connectors on both the JBL dock and the Apple device
  • Cycling the power of both the dock and Apple device

Music Will Not Play ¶ 

Power is on but the music will not play out of the JBL speaker.

Check That Your iPhone/iPod Indicates that a Connection has been Made ¶ 

If your Apple device does not indicate that it is connected disconnect and reconnect it to the JBL dock.

Volume at Zero ¶ 

Be sure that the volume is not turned off. Raise the volume on both your device and the JBL speaker.

Connected by Auxiliary Cord ¶ 

If using an auxiliary cord instead of the dock, be sure that the connection between the JBL speaker and your device is not loose.

If the auxiliary cord fits loosely:

*disconnect then reconnect the auxiliary cord

*otherwise, see: Disassembling the Circuit Board

Music is Distorted ¶ 

Static, buzzing, and/or humming noises are playing through the JBL speaker while playing music.

Input Cable May Be Improperly Connected ¶ 

Be sure that the input cord is not loose.

Volume Too High ¶ 

Distortion may occur when the volume level is too high for some devices. Lower the volume.

Equalizer (EQ) Setting Too High ¶ 

Change the EQ setting to flat or turn it off.

Source Problem ¶ 

If the distortion only occurs on some songs, those songs may have been recorded or downloaded improperly. Re-download those songs from another source.

Loose or Disconnected Speaker ¶ 

One or more of the wires to a speaker are disconnected. Use this guide to reconnect them: JBL On Stage II Speakers Replacement

Unresponsive Button ¶ 

The volume is stuck on high or low, or the power button is unresponsive.

Volume Stuck On High ¶ 

There may be a short circuit. [See this guide.] This is a chip level problem and involves replacing a surface mount chip on a circuit board

Power Button ¶ 

See JBL On Stage II Power Button Replacement for replacing a broken button.

Dock Connector is Loose ¶ 

The connector is loose and the dock will not play music from your iPhone/iPod.

Connector is Broken ¶ 

See JBL On Stage II 30-Pin Connector Replacement for replacing broken connector.

Will Not Turn On ¶ 

Using JBL speaker in another country and now your speaker does not work.

Check Power ¶ 

Be sure that your dock is connected to a wall outlet or your computer so that it will turn on.

Power Brick has Gone Bad ¶ 

The country that the device is being used in may have different power standards than the country it was purchased or regularly used in. Purchase a different power supply or a power converter. [guide]

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Regarding "Volume stuck on high", where is the mentioned guide?

Very frustrating that this speaker doesn't work properly after only 4 years.

goblazers - Ответить

I have a JBL micro stage II that worked great in China/HK on my 4th generation iPod. I purchased an iPod Nano Red here in the US, the speaker (using adapter from HK to US power) caused my iPod to skip songs even after a few notes or a few bars. I returned the iPod and it still skipped at the Apple store so it did damage the iPod. When I put in the new iPod, it skipped again. So I stopped using it. I was hoping to change the cord but it seems to be more mechanical than that. An Amazon customer complained of the same skipping.

lindamhot - Ответить

Is there a reset button

Roger Dick - Ответить

I just get a power hum

Roger Dick - Ответить

hi when i put my ipod on the dock the ipod turns it self of n then back on again y is that

tearahi taueki - Ответить

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