LG CU515 Device Page

Phone won't turn on ¶ 

Your phone doesn't turn on, regardless of what you do.

Dead battery ¶ 

If the battery doesn't work, then it needs to be replaced. To check if the battery works, plug phone into a car or wall charger to charge. If the phone doesn't turn on when connected to a charger, check the other two options below. If the phone turns on only when plugged into a charger, then the battery is dead. Otherwise, if the battery stays on after being unplugged from a charger, it is merely drained and needs to be charged for a couple hours. Here is a link to the battery replacement guide.

Bad charger ¶ 

To check if the charger doesn't work, try a different outlet or charger. If the phone doesn't respond while using a different charger and outlet, then the problem could be that the charging port on the phone is loose or somehow disconnected.

Broken motherboard ¶ 

If the phone doesn't respond at all after going through the previous two possibilities, the motherboard could be broken and should be replaced. Here is a link to the motherboard replacement guide.

Phone cannot make calls ¶ 

The phone does not allow you to make phone calls.

No SIM card ¶ 

Check your phone to see if you have a SIM card. If it is not in the phone, you must get one in order to make calls to other people. Here is a link to the SIM card replacement guide.

Damaged SIM card ¶ 

If you have a SIM card and are still not able to make phone calls, the SIM card may be damaged. Take out the SIM card and check the back for any possible damage. If it appears to be in poor condition, consider getting a new one. Here is a link to the SIM card replacement guide.

Unpaid phone bill ¶ 

If your phone bill is not paid, your carrier can stop your phone from making phone calls.

The screen appears black, or only shows faint graphics ¶ 

The phone appears to be on, however the screen is completely blank or very faint and difficult to see.

Back light ¶ 

If the back light for the screen is broken or no longer receiving power, it should be replaced or repaired. It is also possible to fix this problem by just replacing the entire screen component of the device.

Motherboard is not delivering power to screen ¶ 

If the screen still does not light up after being replaced, the problem may be with the motherboard, which would also have to be replaced or repaired. Here is a link to the motherboard replacement guide.

Phone's front housing is severely damaged ¶ 

The front housing of the phone itself is damaged.

New front housing case ¶ 

It's possible to replace the front housing of the phone by purchasing a new one and installing it. Here is a link to the front housing replacement guide.

Keypad buttons are not registering ¶ 

When you push buttons on the phone, the buttons' commands do not respond.

The keys have debris under them ¶ 

If some of the buttons are not responding, there may be little pieces of debris or small loose objects between the keys and the motherboard. These can be removed to allow these keys to work again. Here is a link to the keypad replacement guide.

Broken keypad ¶ 

If any button on the phone's keypad no longer responds to being pressed, the keypad must be replaced. Here is a link to the keypad replacement guide.

Poor sound quality ¶ 

Sound from the phone is very quiet, mute, or is very low quality.

Volume setting is silent, mute, or low ¶ 

Check the phone's volume setting. If the phone's volume setting is on silent, mute, or low, these can contribute to the phone giving little to no sound.

Damaged speaker ¶ 

If the problem continues to persist after checking the phone's volume settings, the speaker may be damaged and may need to be repaired or replaced. Here is a link to the speaker replacement guide.

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