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Device not turning on

"After pressing power button, LCD screen is unresponsive and other buttons do not work."

Issues with batteries or battery pack

An absence of batteries or dead batteries may be the cause. First, disconnect the power cord so you can be certain the problem is coming from the batteries and not the cord. Open the battery compartment on the underside of the Minimove to check if there are four batteries. If there are four batteries, replace them with four new fully charged batteries and try to turn the device on again.

If the problem persists, the battery pack itself may be damaged. Visit the battery pack wire replacement guide for further instruction.

Battery Wire Replacement

AC power adapter cord is disconnected or broken

An improper connection anywhere along the power cord may be the cause. First, take out all the batteries in the Minimove. This allows you to be certain that the problem is coming from the cord and not the batteries. Make sure the cord is securely attached to the outlet and the device before pressing the power button. If that doesn't work, check the power cord for major cuts or fraying that may disrupt power flow to the device


If so, you can try to safely patch the cord with added wiring and electrical tape.

If the problem persists, the adapter itself is broken and will need to be replaced. Buy a new power adapter on Amazon -- Mi3x Power Adapter

iPod or iPhone not recognized

"iPod/iPhone does not charge or play music through Minimove when power is on."

Bad connection/adapter

A common problem is simply not having a secure connection. Before continuing any further, check that the problem is not your iPod/iPhone by connecting it to your computer. If it is recognized, then the issue lies with the Minimove.

First check that the Minimove adapter matches the same shape and model for your iPod. If not, you need to replace the Minimove adapter with the correct one. When connecting, make sure the iPod or iPhone is flush and level with the adapter base for a strong connection. If the iPod/iPhone has a case, it may be partially blocking the adapter. Remove it.

If you have established a good connection with the right adapter and it is still not recognized, the adapter itself may be broken and may need to be replaced. Below is a link to the adapter replacement guide.

iPod Adapter Replacement

No sound is heard from the device

"iPod or iPhone is connected, but there is no sound from the speakers."

Device Power

First of all, the Minimove may not be plugged in or may have dead batteries. First check to see if the device is on (refer to the guide above for checking device power). If the batteries have been replaced or the Minimove is already plugged in. Check the LCD screen to see if it is displaying correctly. If not, try the next step.

Volume control

If the device is on but the problem persists, check to see if the volume is not at zero. To do this, press the volume button '+' to increase the volume while checking the LCD screen to check if the volume number is increasing.

If the problem has not been resolved, the speakers' circuitry may be damaged. Please refer to the speaker guide for further instruction.

Speaker Replacement

The FM Radio does not play

"The FM Radio does not work or static is head from the speakers"

Check if the boombox is on the right setting

First, make sure that the boombox setting is on FM and not on the iPod setting. You can do this by pressing the button that has 'FM' and checking the LCD screen to make sure that the boombox is on the right setting. The screen should display the frequency (for example 104.5).

Extend the antenna

If there is still no sound other than static, make sure that the antenna is properly extended. The antenna is located on the right side of the boombox (from the perspective of the device facing you.) It is fully extended when the antenna is pulled out enough to display the screw holding the pivot point.

After pulling out the antenna, adjust the angle of the antenna by turning it until there is an audible sound other than static coming from the speakers.

If the problem is not resolved, refer to the Radio Replacement Guide for further instruction.

Remote is not working

"The remote is not working no matter how many times the buttons are pressed."

Check the lithium battery

First, press on the tab and slide the battery compartment out. Make sure the battery is properly aligned in the compartment. If the problem persists, the battery may be dead. Replace the battery and trying again.

Make sure you are in range

The remote has a limited range. Step closer toward the device and press the buttons to test if the Minimove responds to the remote's commands.

LCD screen is not working

"The LCD screen is not displaying."

Check if the device is plugged in/ batteries are inserted

First, there must be power to the device. Check to see if the device is plugged into an outlet. Also confirm that it is connected to the device as well. If you are using batteries, check to see if they are inserted correctly. In addition, make sure that the batteries are not dead. If they are, replace them with fresh batteries by opening the battery compartment

Check the LCD circuitry

If the problem with the LCD screen persists, it may have to be replaced. Please refer to the guide in order to replace it.

Display Replacement

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