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Nokia 8265 Troubleshooting

Phone will not turn on

You have tried everything, but the phone still does not turn on.

Hold the button with the red stripe down

If the phone won't turn on, try holding down the button on the front of the phone with the red stripe on it. This button, when held, turns the phone on and off.

Drained or dead battery

If your phone still will not turn on after holding down the on button, the battery may be drained, or dead.

If the battery is drained, try plugging the phone into the charger, and waiting for the battery to be fully charged. Then try to turn it on again.

If the battery is dead, you will need a replacement battery. You can order a new battery for approximately $50 from various websites like Cell Phone Shop and many others.

Broken display

On occasion, it may not be that the phone is not turned on, or that the battery is dead or drained. The phone may have turned on, but it looks as if it is off, due to the display of the phone. It is possible that the display is broken, and the pixels in the screen are dead. If this is the case, you need to get a replacement display

Audio is broken/No Sound

For one reason or another, you cannot hear any sound coming out of the phone. From a phone call, a ringtone, or just the buttons making beeps as they are clicked, there is no sound coming out of your device.

Volume is Off

Sometimes, it may be just as simple as that. The volume may be off, or muted, or just very low that you cannot hear anything. Try turning the volume up, using the side white button towards the top of the left side of the phone. Pressing the top part of of this white button turns the volume up, as the bottom part of it turns it down.

Broken Speaker

If none of that works, then you may have bigger problems. If the volume is turned all the way up and there is still no noise coming out of the speakers, then the speakers may be broken. If this is the case, it is recommended to replace the speakers.

Keypad not working

Keypad buttons are sticking

When the keypad buttons are stuck or are sticking, the buttons may need to be cleaned. There may be dirt or something that has spilled on the phone beneath the buttons. To do this, you will need to remove take off the face plate. There are instructions for removing the face plate.

Battery has died

Your keypad may not be working because the battery has died. See "Drained or dead battery" for help on replacing the battery.

Broken Keyboard

If the keyboard is still not working, the keypad could be broken. There are instructions for replacing the keypad, though you may need to replace the screen as well, as the two parts are attached to each other.

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