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Samsung ML2510 Troubleshooting

Printer Has a Paper Jam

Standard Tray Jam

If there is a paper jam in the standard tray, gently pull the paper out from the tray. While pulling this paper out, make sure the paper is properly aligned. If the paper does not move while pulling, check the fuser area near the toner cartridge.

Manual Tray Jam

If the paper jam is in the manual tray, gently pull the paper out. If the paper does not move when pulled or you do not see the jammed paper, check the fuser area around the toner cartridge.

Toner Cartridge

If paper jam is around the toner cartridge, open the front cover of the printer and pull the toner cartridge out. WARNING: Do not expose the toner cartridge to light for more than a few minutes. Cover the cartridge with a piece of paper. Also, DO NOT touch the green surface under the toner cartridge. If needed, remove manual tray. Next, remove the jammed paper. Replace the toner cartridge and close the cover.

Red Light Troubleshooting

If the printer displays a red light, consult the following:

Solid Red Light

  • Check for a paper jam.
  • Make sure the front cover is closed.
  • Check if the printer has stopped working due to a major error.
  • The toner cartridge is not properly installed.
  • Contact a Samsung representative.

Blinking Red Light

  • A minor error is occurring. Wait a few minutes and the printer will resolve the problem.
  • Toner cartridge is low. Order a new toner cartridge. For a temporary fix, redistribute the toner.
  • The toner cartridge needs to be replaced. Remove the old cartridge and replace with a new one.

Printer Does Not Print


The printer is not selected as the default printer. Choose one of the following as the default printer:

  • Samsung ML-2510
  • Samsung ML-2570
  • Samsung ML-2570 Series PCL 6
  • Samsung ML-2570 Series PS

Printer may be configured incorrectly. Check the printer properties to make sure the settings are correct.


Check the power cord connections in case the printer is not receiving power.

Out of Paper

The printer might be in manual feed mode and out of paper. Insert paper to the manual tray and press the CANCEL button on the control panel.

If none of the mentioned solutions work, the printer's motor may have malfunctioned. To fix the motor, see Samsung ML2510 Motor Replacement.

Paper Does Not Feed Into Printer

Paper Specifics

Paper might not be loaded correctly. Remove the paper and make sure the paper is aligned with the tray. Check that the guides are aligned correctly.

There is too much paper in the tray. Remove excess paper from the tray.

Paper is too thick. See specification on the user manual to insert the correct size.

Printer Prints the Wrong Text


The printer cable is loose or needs to be replaced. Before replacing the cable, disconnect the cable, wait five seconds, then plug the cable back into the printer. Try connecting the printer to a different computer and try a print job that was successful in the past. If this does not work, then a new cable may be necessary.


The wrong printer driver was selected. Try choosing one of the printer drivers as shown above.

The software application is malfunctioning. Try printing another job from another application.

The current operating system is not working. If printing from a Windows platform, open a DOS prompt and type the following: Dir LPT1

Press enter. Exit Windows and reboot. Turn the printer off and turn back on.

Printer is Overheating

For general overheating problems, the printer may need to be turned off by pressing the power button. Let the printer cool down before using the printer again. If this does not work, the fans may need to be replaced.

Bad Rear Fan

Consult the rear fan replacement guide to replace a faulty rear fan.

Bad Side Fan

Consult the side fan replacement guide to replace a faulty rear fan.

How to Clean the Printer

To clean the Samsung ML2510 printer, refer to page 28 of the Samsung ML-2510 user manual.

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i had a paper jam , i removed the paper but now it ticks and red light stays on . is there an easy fix

martindeelloyd - Ответить

Both lights on top are flashing and printer won't print. Can it be fixed?

YSY - Ответить

Both the green and yellow lights are flashing simultaneously and it won't print. HELP!

sqdavis - Ответить

i have a scanning from computer through smart4 it scans 1 or 2 page but 3 stops with a I/O error and the scanner tube turns red can ne one help printer model scx-4521f

shahnawazb82 - Ответить

Both the green and yellow lights are flashing simultaneously and it won't print.

uscacuna - Ответить

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