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Sega Genesis Troubleshooting

No Picture / Black Screen

Verify that the console is turned on and that the game is fully inserted and securely positioned. If so, clean the dust out of the game port using a can of condensed air (aerosol) or a cotton swab (Guide: cleaning the game port).

Won’t Turn On

Verify that the AC adapter chord is plugged in. Check the AC adapter chord for any obvious tearing or fraying. If problem persists, check for a disconnected solder point at the power port once the Sega Genesis is taken apart (Guide: disassembling the device). If necessary, re-solder.

Static Screen

Sega Genesis is not registering with the television.

Verify that the RF cable is fully plugged in to the television and console and that there are no tears or problems with the cable. Also, check for disconnected solder points at the RF cable port once the Sega Genesis is taken apart (Guide: disassembling the device).

Controller Not Working Properly

Could be caused by a faulty controller or controller port.

Verify that the controller is fully plugged in to the console. If so, try a different controller in the same port. If this controller works, then there is a problem with the first controller (click here to buy a new controller). If this second controller doesn’t work, then there is most likely a problem with the controller port.

No Sound

There is a problem with the RF cable (could be a connection problem or a faulty cable).

Verify that the RF cable is plugged in. Try wiggling the cable around and if this doesn’t work, then it needs to be replaced. (click here to buy a new RF cable)

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just got the system for free with the power cord. no games yet. but plugged it in to see if power light turns on and it doesnt light up. does a game have to be inserted in order for the power light to light up? dont wanna buy games if it doesnt work. thx.

pencejesse - Ответить

^^its the sega genesis atgames console.

pencejesse - Ответить

The atgames genesis is NOT a true genesis. It is a cheap plug-n-play games console. If you depress the power on the front you indeed will see a power light, so this one is broken.

You are better off getting a real genesis used as these units are notorious for sound issues.

Howard Casto - Ответить

I just picked up a high definition sega Genesis and a few games. Hooked it up the next day, popped zero tolerance in and it worked great. Played that for about half an hour, took it out and popped in a different game. Nothing.

John Latimer - Ответить

My childhood genesis powers on but shows no sign of working on the tv screen. I've tried both with av and rf cable and the screen does not even go black when on. I don't know what could be wrong. It worked fine for decades. Any suggestions?

Joe - Ответить

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