The Stiletto will not turn on.

The battery may be too low. Try plugging the device in to charge the battery.

The battery may not have a full connection. Try removing the battery, then put the battery back in. If this does not work, try cleaning the battery terminals on both the battery and the device.

The power button may not be connecting to turn the device on. To remove and replace the power button, see the Power Button Guide.

The battery may no longer be holding a charge. To check this, plug the device in to charge the battery. If the battery is shown to be charging, wait till it is fully charged and disconnect the device. If the device dies within an unreasonable amount of time, the battery is no longer holding a charge and a replacement may be needed.

Acquiring Signal message appears on the screen or intermittent sound and static is playing through the radio.

There may be overhead obstructions. Move the device to an area with a completely clear view of the sky to reconnect to the signal.

The internal antenna may be malfunctioning. See the Internal Antenna Guide for instruction on how to remove and replace the internal antenna, and contact the manufacturer to acquire a replacement.

The radio is playing but there is no audio.

Use the volume buttons to ensure that the volume of the radio is turned on.

There may be a poor connection between the audio jack and auxiliary audio cord. Remove the auxiliary cord and put it back in.

There may be reception issues. See the section Reception Problems section of troubleshooting.

Possible software issues.

The software may need to be updated. Plug the radio into your computer and open (or, if necessary, install) My SIRIUS Studio, and follow the program's instructions to update the software.

In the event of complete system failure, this site provides a link to a downloadable device recovery program.

The buttons are not functioning properly.

If the power button is not functioning properly, it may need to be removed, cleaned, and reinstalled or replaced. See the Power Button Guide.

If the volume button is unresponsive or appears to be functioning improperly, see the Volume Button Guide to remove, clean, and reinstall the button, or replace it if necessary.

The scroll wheel is not functioning properly.

If the scroll wheel is not functioning properly, it may need to be removed, cleaned, and reinstalled or replaced. See the Scroll Wheel Guide.

For any other issues not covered here, refer to the Stiletto SL100 User Guide which can be found under the "Support" tab.

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My SiriusXM is not getting any power I have the 12v cord in but the cord isn't lighting up this radio is not that old

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