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The Mazda Millenia is an executive car produced by Mazda, a Japanese automaker, between 1993 and 2002.

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fuel pump fuse location

No power to the fuel pump. relay tested good. where is the fuel pump fuse located on this car?

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johnelmore47, looks like the Millenia has got one. It is a 15 Amp fuse and should be marked engine in the fuse box. It also uses a resistor. Here is what the manual says:

Fuel Pump Control System

System inspection

1. turn the ignition switch to START and check operation of fuel pump relay and fuel pump resistor and relay by listening for their operating sound.

2. If no sound was heard, check the fuel pump relay and duel pump resistor and relay (speed0.

3. If the fuel pump relay and fuel pump resistor and relay(speed) are normal, check voltage at following terminals

ECM terminal 1H (Ignition switch start signal)

ECM terminal 1AF(Fuel pump relay)

ECM terminal 1AJ (fuel pump resistor and relay)

Fuel Pump Relay


1. Remove the cruise actuator

2. remove the fuel pump relay.

3. Apply battery positive voltage and check continuity between terminal of the relay by using an ohmmeter

4. If not as specified, replace the fuel pump relay.

Block Image

Fuel Pump Resistor and relay (Speed)


1. Disconnect the fuel pump resistor and relay connector. Measure the resistance between terminals A and B by using an ohmmeter

Specification:0.38-0.42 ohm

2. If not as specified, replace the fuel pump resistor and relay (speed).

Block Image

Here is the wiring diagram

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Do u remove the backseat to install the fuel pump on a 2001 Mazda millenia


Yes you'll have to.


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Which fuse do I check for rear break lights? My lid to fuse box is missing. 1995 929

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