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Shutsdown enexpectedly when not on AC power

I just got this PowerBook a couple weeks ago

I have been trying to solve this problem for several days. I haven't found any articles with the same symptoms, so I'm documenting my issue here. I may have fixed the problem using tricks from other similar posts, but I'm posting it for anyone who may have the same issue.


When running on battery, If I close the lid on the computer, the system shuts off and I cannot turn it back on.

Sometimes, when running on the AC adapter, the system just shuts off.

Every time I start up, I get the message that my clock has not been set.

The system would shut off any time I disconnected the AC Power

The battery shows a full charge.

Once it shuts itself down, the computer would not turn on. I have to remove the battery, then re-install it for the computer to turn on.

Things that seemed to help:

Since it wouldn't run reliably, I was using it as a "desktop". I had a keyboard, mouse, USB hub and external monitor plugged in. If I pulled the AC adapter, it would immediately shut off. However, If I unplugged all the other devices, it would stay running for a while without the AC adapter.

I downloaded the Coconut Battery program as suggested in another post. It shows my battery is pretty good. In fact, now that It's running on battery, the battery seems to last several hours.

After about a half an hour, the computer still shuts off.

Finally, I followed the instructions to reset the PMU (power management unit). How to reset PMU For the first time, I was able to start / and then restart the computer without having to set the time.

I was considering replacing the PRAM battery. However, if the PMU reset works, this won't be necessary.

I will update this post if this has worked. If any experts have any other suggestions or comments, they are much appreciated.

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It looks like the whole problem was the main battery. I have finally received two new batteries and this computer is working well.

The original battery appeared good from everything I could see. The LED indicators on the back showed all lights lit. The charger shows green. The coconut battery program shows everything looks good on the battery. However, when I tried to use this battery in a second computer, that computer exhibited the same symptoms as this computer.

So, the final solution appeared to be the main battery. In the process, I reset the PMU and replaced the PRAM battery. These other steps may have contributed the final solution.

(Note: The old PRAM battery measured something like 4.1 volts on a voltmeter. I'm guessing the original PRAM battery was not bad)

(Note 2: Remember the second computer I tried using with this computer's battery? It's working fine with a new battery installed)

Thanks for those who contributed.

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replace the pram battery. Using a computer with a dead pram battery can lead to unexpected machine behavior.

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Try cleaning the battery contacts, they might be dirty, therefore preventing a solid connection.

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I reset the PMU and that has made a world of difference! It's been working pretty good for about a week. However, it has still shut off without warning or any apparent reason about 3 times.

I have ordered a PRAM battery. We'll see if that makes a difference.

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The computer will no longer run on the battery again. As soon as I unplug the AC adapter, it shuts down.

I have replaced the PRAM battery, no luck. Resetting the PMU doesn't help.

The battery shows all the lights and Coconut Battery monitor shows all good.

I bought another PowerBook G4. It had a bad battery so I used the "good" battery from the computer in this post. The second computer shuts down immediately when the AC adapter is disconnected. I think the battery is bad, even though everything seems to look good.

I ordered two batteries today. I'll update this post when I get them.


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