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The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a multi-touch, slate-format smartphone with eye-tracking ability, increased storage, and a wireless charging option.

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S3 Water Damage Problems.

Hi, i currently have a Samsung Galaxy S3 for sprint (cdma version) and it got rained on and sine then i've experienced problems with service it keeps going to searching for service and when i get service i make a call and the microphone doesn't work. I am a cellphone tech and have done mulitple boardscrubs and ran it through a ultra-sonic cleaner. ANY tips would be appreciated

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Cleaned mine out with isopropyl 99% (NOT the 35%). ALL parts soaked in it, but carefull with the rubber parts ie. Speaker as it can dissolve. Cleaned board and all pieces with soft toothbrush. You can scrub the motherboard quite hard as components are attached very well. Dry out with silicabags. I keep my bags in an open container on the heater and when i use I put all parts in it and close firmly. I measured humidity inside to 18% when room is 65% humidity. Left it in there for 2 days. Assembled and works fine again. Had a water damage and tonnes of fungi everywhere inside!!

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Did you disassemble the phone before soaking it in alcohol? Do I soak the LCD as well?


Arthur, yes you need to disassemble it, clean all contacts, cables and the logic board. It is okay to soak the LCD for as long as you use +90% isopropyl alcohol.


How long can I soak the LCD for if it's 99% isopropyl alcohol?


Arthur, it is not the how long that matters, it is how you clean it. There is no reason to keep soaking it. Submerge it,clean it, done.:)


Can I use 50% rubbing alcohol?


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