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The Kenmore 90 Series is a washing machine manufactured by Kenmore.

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Water overflows and does not stop

When the machine is turned on, the water will run into the tub but will not stop running. Water overflows. All other mechanics/cycles of the machine work fine. What could be the problem?

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My washer seemed to have overflowed, water all over floor and machine filled to very top but off. It's a digital push button control, I pushed spin it drained and completed the cycle. I then ran a complete cycle with no problems. I haven't used it since and do not trust it because there has to be some kind of problem. Wondering why it would overflow and shut off then run completely normal. What should I address or test first?


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The 3 most common part(s) or condition(s) which contribute to the symptom Washer overflowing are listed below:

Water Inlet Valve

If the washer is overflowing and power is shut off to the washer, the water inlet valve has failed. Replace it.

Pressure Switch

If the washer is overflowing the pressure switch might be defective. The pressure switch is attached to a small tube which is attached to the outer wash tub. As the water level rises the air pressure in the tube increases, once the set water level is reached the pressure switch turns off power to the water inlet valve. Check to be sure the air tube to the pressure switch is clear before replacing the switch.

Low Water Pressure from House Supply

If the washer is overflowing the water pressure to the water inlet valve might be too low. The water inlet valve requires a minimum of 20 psi to shut off properly. If the pressure is lower, the valve may not close fully when the power is shut off. This results in the valve leaking water into the washer and causing it to overflow.

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Had an overflow and it turned out to be the hose to the pressure switch was disconnected from the switch. It was a Kenmore 90 series washer. Unscrewed the two screws on the control panel top, flipped the control panel up, saw the hose was disconnected and reconnected it. Everything working again!

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I have had this happen twice in my first floor laundry room. After the first time, I had a drain put in the floor thru the bottom of a washer pan and put a water alarm next to the washer. 11 months later, the alarm went off and I stopped the machine before my crawl space underneath flooded again. The problem was the cycle size dial was not completely clicked into the specific cycle chosen. Visually, it looked correct, but must have been hit by a laundry basket put on top. Solution is to check the dial each and every wash and listen for the click.

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I think I had this exact thing just happen to me.


That happened to us too. The first time our washing machine flooded like that we didn’t know why. We called the repair man and he said there was nothing wrong with it. But he did mention that maybe the water level button wasn’t in the right spot and that it had to click. Otherwise the washer doesn’t know when to stop filling with water. At the time I didn’t know if we had done that or not. Seven years later it happened again (tonight). This time my daughter was doing laundry and I remembered what the man said, so when it overflowed I checked that water level button and it was in between two different load sizes. We had to spend four hours cleaning up the water that was everywhere in our house. But at least now we know for sure that is the cause.


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