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The Xbox 360 is the second game console made by Microsoft, and was released November 22, 2005.

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Red Lights on power-up.

When I tried powering on my Xbox 360 i got 3 red lights around the power button, what does this mean?

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I wonder if this is your problem and maybe a solution. Ralph


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Thanks rj,


nice research +


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Well as rj713 says either the X-clamp or for a more permanent fix I'd have your Xbox360 re-flowed.



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the rrod(red ring of death) means that your xbox is in need of repair. the reason it has rrod is because there is a a cold solder joint under the gpu, cpu, ram, or south bridge. no need to be alarmed there are many people out there that fix xbox 360s. just make sure you pick the right person. do not send it to gamestop or any other local retail store unless you are absolutly sure they do a reflow or reball. if they do the xclamp fix your xbox 360 will last more than a month IF YOUR LUCKY. always ask for some pics for their work station. if they reflow make sure thay have a hot air rework staion or a ir rework station. anything else stay away from them, its not worth it. if they reball then thats good. just make sure that they use lead solder balls. unlead is what microsoft uses so it only lasts a while.

if they already did a xclamp repair just send it to someone who reball or reflows and they get it fixed properly

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