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Released June 2009 / 2.66, 2.8, or 3.06 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor

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LCD monitor cable connection

My A1286 unibody 15"laptop was damaged and while trying to disconnect the monitor cable from the mother board, I accidently broke of the locking pin. The manual says if this locking pin is broken, I must replace the complete LCD assembly.

Is there a way I can repair this locking bar?Or can I bypass this some how?

It seems a waist to dispose of the complete LCD assembly just because of a little locking bar that holds the connection of the cable to the logic board.

Thanx in advance Curt

P.S. I think this connector is called the LVDS cable to the logic board.

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The solution would be to replace the LVDS cable. That means remove the display plate glass that protects the screen to have access to the internal wiring but the main problem is with Apple. They don't sell internal parts for the Unibody display so impossible to buy the LVDS cable from them. You can only buy the whole display assy. You'll have to check on ebay until you find one but be aware that you're not the only one searching for this cable.... Meanwhile is it possible to connect the cable and put a kapton tape or an electrical tape on the connector to keep it connected ?

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Here is the URL for kapton tape. Ralph +



Thanx but this is what I dont know. Is it possible to connect the cable with Kapton tape? I do have some of this kapton tape but I was wondering if jujst holding it in place would be enough of a connection or does it have to be locked some how?

I'm not sure if I am exp[laining correctly but the locking bar was on the end of the LVDS cable connection and it is supposed to lock down when installed. Do you know if there is some kind of lever inside of the connector to lock it down when the bar is pressed down flat?

Any way, thanx for your answer. this is what i have been looking for on ebay, but like you said, a lot of people will be looking also.

Thanx again Curt


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The LVDS flat lead connector of this series of MacBooks is taped down to begin with.

The adhesive goes bad from HEAT, after a few years.

Allowing the flat lead to lose contact with the connector block.

Resulting in a black bar on the screen.

The machine NEEDs to have the cover glass and LCD removed

and the connector taped down with new Kapton tape.

It is VERY easy to damage both glass and screen, while doing this!

Apple INC. only replaced the whole top cover LCD assy.

Once a $150 proposition.

Been there, done that


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