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Repair guides for the MacBook Air, Apple's current line of consumer laptops.

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Water problem. LSI near power connector.

Hi everyone. Thanks for this amazing site. I've had a problem with a glass of water and opened my MB Air to check the LSi spots.

I see this:


I suppose that's the power connector, right? Is it possible to remove that wire to clean up the zone? I couldn't find the guide.

Thanks in advance, an sorry for my english (I'm spanish)

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That is the the LDVS cable.


Juan, first you need to identify your MB Air so we can help you a bit better ;-)


Giving us the last three figures of your serial number will tell us which machine you have.


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Hi, You need to check my first link to determine which MBA you have and then remove the battery. The second link is for spill cleanup. You probably should remove the logic board for cleaning. Good luck.

MacBook Air

Electronics Water Damage

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