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The Dell Latitude E6500 laptop PC was released in August 2008. The Latitude has a 15.4 inch screen with a 500 GB hard drive

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How old is the Dell Latitude E6500?

Hi all, does anyone know how old the Dell Latitude E6500 is?

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Jock Elliott, it was first released in August of 2008. That means that your E6500 is at most 5 years old.

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I bought a refurbished E6500 with Windows 10 downloaded on it for my son for school. He HATES the Windows 10 program and wants Windows 7 put on it. Can this computer be reprogrammed to Windows 7?


What is he not like about windows 10


Sure! The pc can be programmed to use Windows 7 with no side effect.


By now, Windows 7 is EOL.


@matthew_yang right. Now its 5 years since the last comment.


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Hi Venita,

Before you go to all that trouble, check out this link.


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