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The larger of Apple's MacBook Air laptops featuring dual microphones and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Candle Wax is ruining law school!

I tipped a burning candle over onto my 4 month old macbook air. I immediately wiped off the majority of the wax and stuck the computer in the fridge. I took the computer to the apple store and they quoted me upwards of $755 for repair. They claim the wax seeped under the keyboard. I have a hard time believing this because the laptop worked perfectly. The major issue was that the keys were all stuck. In particular, the 'shift' key was stuck down forcing the computer to boot in 'safe mode.'

I am wondering 1) how I can check to see if the wax is ACTUALLY in the computer and not just on the keys and 2) how I can get this repaired for less expensive.

I am a law student, living on student loans, I really REALLY need this to be less expensive. e.g. I found a refurbished keyboard/top case for about $69. Could I replace that myself (or have a tech savvy friend replace it)?

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Ask how they determined that the wax got past the keyboard. I can't see how this could be more than an upper case replacement. That's a really, really low price on the refurbished part, be suspicious!


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Today I will answer this in the form of a movie.

The Good - Candle Wax is has extremely low conductivity so the probability of you damaging essential electronic components is very low to no chance.

The Bad - Make absolutely sure you are getting the right part before you order it. The last thing you want is to buy the part only to find it does not fit. I recommend taking it apart and making sure everything matches before ordering.

The Ugly - Your tech savvy friend better be pretty good because this is a difficult system to get in and out of. Additionally if candle wax did get onto the motherboard (which I doubt it did), then he should not use any metal tools, excessive force, or a lighter to clean it off.

The End - There is an excellent guide on how to get to the upper case provided by the iFixIt staff and I have the link right here.

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Thank you for your help! I am going to take it to a 3rd party repair place for a second opinion on the extent of the candle wax damage. If they have some refurbished topcases available, I'll probably opt for that. I'm glad you agree that it likely didn't make it into the motherboard. Thanks again for helping. I really appreciate it.


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The extra ugly - you should drop out of law school now. There are very few jobs and I'm shocked that you decided to go to law school in 2014. There are tens of thousands of unemployed and underemployed law school graduates. Why are you joining their ranks? Even if you have a job, it likely won't last long so you're only delaying the inevitable. This candle wax is doing you a favor. It's the universe telling you not to commit financial suicide by going to law school.

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Hi, you're a troll. You didn't provide any help with my situation RE the laptop.


juris, is there a reason you haven't slashed your throat? After all you probably don't have have job and are living on welfare and a total drain on humanity. Better that Amy stay in school rather than join you in the unemployment line.


I think about slashing my throat constantly. I have a job but it's not nearly enough to service my law school loans. I went to a high-ranked law school and the school lied about the salaries and jobs of its graduates. I expected, based upon the law school's statistics, that I would earn much more than I am. Instead, I will live in poverty for the remainder of my life and I consider anyone who attends law school to be a sucker. I'm a licensed attorney. I owe $200,000 in loans. I would not have taken out that amount if the law school did not tell me that their graduates make $160,000 upon graduation. My life was destroyed by law school and I hope other people who are thinking about law school read my message.


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