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Released June 2009 / 2.66, 2.8, or 3.06 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor

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Is there any recouse for broken zif socket for keyboard backlight?

ZIF socket is broken. Is there a repair short of motherboard replacement?

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I think it's completely off and the cable is loose. I will try the MacGuyver method. Need to look at iFixit pics a little more for position. Thanks.


How broken is broken ?

is it completele teared off or what happend with the socket ?



Did you manage to solve the problem?? I have the exact same problem and

my ribbon cable refuses to go in.



just wondering whether you'd done a search on google or ebay for the zif part? you may be able to find someone who sells them and then resolder it back on..


I have and it doesnt seem to be an easy find. plus soldering that thing back on is not your typical soldering job.

It is a very poor design.


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If the socket is still attached to the logic board you can "McGyver" something. Try to secure the cable with tape or glue but be ultra careful not to break more or shorten something.

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This also happened to me. Before I discovered ifixit.com, instead of pulling the ribbon AWAY from the socket, I pulled the ribbon AND the socket out away from the board. Those solder points are way too small to be resoldered back on. So I just live without the backlit keyboard. That is unless someone here can find a way to reattach it.

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This is a 4 pin connector, i believe only two are connected.

Can anyone post me a good close up photo or test where those go

and i will come up with a fix.

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