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Released August, 2010. Identified by part number: 884354009250.

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The USB Port is loose

Hello, I was wondering if anyone would be able to help.

My Newly Obtained Zoom H1 Recorder was delivered today. The Mic worked perfectly; sound was crisp and amazing to its standard.

however, when i decided how it could work as a USB mic, I found an old USB Cable which fit the port, connected it and went on threw the stages. A Few seconds later, the Zoom H1 turns off and all on the screen is blank. I examined the USB Port and it turns out, it has become loose.

Whenever i was to take the cable out, it would pull the Port out slightly aswell; but not all the way out. From then, the Zoom H1 system hasn't been able to connect with ANY device such as My Laptop, PC, and anything else.

I've tried prying the back open to see what's wrong, but i hear a slight tearing noise and i refrain from prying anymore incase the back rips something important.

I'm thinking of sending it back to get a replacement, but first; i want to see if there is any other way of fixing it.

Thank you for reading, please get back to me as soon as possible.

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xenomatrix, not sure where you purchased it, but if there is any chance you have some kind of warranty on it, I'd send it back and get a new one. Sounds like the port has come off the logic board.


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xenomatrix, should you not have any kind of warranty on it and if you can not replace it, I suggest you follow this guide to repair it. Obviously it will require soldering etc, so make sure that you have the tools and ability to fix it. Hope this helps, good luck.

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