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Lenovo Essential G560. This laptop has a 15.6" screen, along with a full keyboard with number pad.

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wont switch on, hard drive Error

My laptops hard drive broke, so i replaced it with a new one but its still not working, when i switch it on, a little bar appears in the top right of the screen and just flashes.

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You're problem is probably that it can't find an operating system (Windows). Operating system's are stored on the hard drive and new drives don't come with one pre-installed. If you have a restore CD that came with the laptop, try putting it into the disk drive and then booting the laptop. It should boot off of the disk and then guide you through the process of re-installing Windows. If you don't have a restore disk, than you may need to use a regular Windows installation disk, your laptop should support Windows 7 or newer.

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