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The second iteration of Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet computers with a 7.0-inch screen. Model numbers: GT-P3105, GT-P3100, and GT-P3105.

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How do I delete pictures?

Delete Pictures on my Samsung tablet 2 7.0

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How do I delete photos from my nexus 10 5.1.1


I have a horrible photo in my gallery an SSSSOOOOOO want to delete it, but I'm struggling BIG TIME to do this.....HELP ME PLEASE.


I want to remove a puncture

=== Update (01/16/2016) ===

I want to remove a picture from my fa cebook leave a


There are many ways to delete phtoso from your samsung phone, you can press delete button, soft reset, hard reset or use Tunesbro data wiper to erase data.




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Your images on samsung tab 2 (7.0) may have been synced with Google. So deleting images from the tab itself won't remove them. You have to go to google account and delete from there. You might have synced one or more google account with tab. So manage photos from google a/c and it will be reflected on tab. hope this helps. Please mark as Accepted if this resolve your question.

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How do you access the google account? I still cannot delete the pictures from the phone and the storage is FULL.


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If the pictures are not synced with google cloud services, you may also use an explorer app such as EFS (that's the one I use). By this way, you are certain to delete every single unwanted file :)

Hoping to have helped you

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How to delete photos from samsung tab 3

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Deleting a video isn’t as easy as removing an image: You have to long-press the video thumbnail in an album. The long-press activates multiple-selection mode. For removing a video, however, just touch the Trash icon that appears in the upper-right corner of the screen. Choose the Confirm Delete command, and the video is gone.

You can’t undelete an image or a video you’ve deleted. There’s no way to recover such an image using available tools on the Galaxy Tab.

You can apply the Delete command to an entire swath of items in the gallery at once. To do so, you must know the secret, found below:

1. Open the album (pile) you want to mess with.

2. Long-press an image to select it.

3. Continue touching images and videos to select them.

Or you can choose the Select All command.

4. Perform an action on the group of images or videos.

To deselect items, touch them again. To deselect everything, touch the Done command.

The type of commands you can use on a group of items in an album depends on the group. Some commands, such as Delete and Share, can be performed on any old group. Other commands, such as the image rotation commands, work only with pictures, not with videos.

See more here:

Delete iphone photos

Delete everything from iPhone

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