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Apple's 2012 first-generation 7.9-inch iPad mini, with 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage and an A5 processor.

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1-Inch Left side not responding, Ghosting

I had my screen replaced a year ago and now I'm having a few problems.

(1) 1-Inch from the left side, there is no touch sensitivity. Beyond that 1-inch, the touchscreen works. As of now, I have to constantly rotate the screen to operate the ipad.

(2) "Ghosting" occurs. Sometime the ipad will randomly start pressing areas of the screen (random). Sometimes when I press certain letters while typing, it will push that letter many times. Shaking the ipad or pressing down on the corners seem to solve this.

I'm trying to figure out what the problem with the ipad is at the moment before I ask someone else. Most repair stores at the moment have simply given me a $175+ quote and told me its a faulty screen. My screen seems fine as there are no visible cracks or damage on it or on the inside.

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Suffice to say I'm also not sure what to exactly purchase? Just a quick scan of ebay yielded some results here:


Would someone please kindly point me in the right direction?


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faulty digitizer for sure.

A screen replacement with an original quality screen will solve. Unfortunately many of the replacement screens are low quality--especially the earlier screens, and the repair community has learned a lot about best practices for screen installation in order to prevent digitizer ghosting.

Why not give it a DIY try? You can get a quality original screen for $50-$100 with the ic/home flex soldered in already so it will be a plug and play install. Avoid cheap screens.


yes, that is the right part.

I would use iFixit guides, and just know that for the iPad mini it is really really important to FIRST disconnect the iPad mini battery before you pull the LCD screen.

My personal tips:

1.) Use a heat gun and start at bottom right corner moving up. Use a thin tool like an iSesamo opener (totally worth it to have)

2.) Once you remove the 4 LCD screws, know that the LCD is hard to pull up without cracking it---make sure your tool (i use the black plastic spudgers) is under the LCD, but not under the metal shield below it. go slowly and carefully.

3.) It is okay to cut through the two pieces of tape at the bottom of the LCD

4.) after unscrewing the shields remember--disconnect battery first!

5.) Before assembly--use a sticker remover pen to get all traces of old adhesive off the screen.

6.) go over the frame with alcohol to clean any remaining residue

7.) Apply a set of ipad mini adhesive stickers to the frame before assembly.

8.) Assemble in reverse and remember to pull the cover from the inside of your new digitizer--i pull the outer cover off too so i can see dust better as i'm sealing it up

9.) pick off the camera bracket on the screen---it causes too many last second screen breaks and is not worth the risk.

10.) Work with some canned air to keep dust free while sealing.

11.) press all around with microfiber cloth and add a little heat for that perfect professional finish....it will look brand new.

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Wow that sounds about right. Any idea how much it will cost for me to repair it myself? I'm kinda new to this site and I don't want to spend another $100 - $200 hiring some hack to do it for me. Also, is it difficult?



1.) Stay off eBay/Amazon for mini screens--way too much crap--but it is very competitive for repair. If you can find someone that offers a good warranty, then you can judge by their feedback if they are doing a good job. I don't know how those guys are able to make it, I dropped my screen repair on eBay because I couldn't compete with them--so hopefully they are not just using cheap parts. The upside is that these guys aren't going to make any mistakes like blowing a backlight fuse--they do mini screens all day every day.

2.) iFixit would certainly have quality parts.

3.) I find that eTech parts has quality parts and a good warranty--I use original quality screens from them when I need something fast.

I would expect to spend ~$50-70 for an original quality screen. Make sure to ask if it is original quality, and make sure it has the touchscreen ic and home flex pre-soldered.


From eTech parts, would this be the right thing to purchase?



Also, is there perhaps a guide or tutorial video that you would recommend?


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This is because of the digitaliser, I have this problem too. Jet get repaired the digitaliser for 2-3$ and you will get a perfect touch screen.

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