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Xbox One — третья по счёту игровая приставка от компании Microsoft, являющаяся преемником Xbox 360.

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How do I fix the controller?

I bought my titanfall edition controller when it came out (so the 15-day warranty has been expired) and now it is giving me issues. when it comes to my controller, the left trigger seems like it is jammed? I am not exactly sure but the left trigger is not responding completely when I move it upwards and sometimes when I move it upwards and let the stick go, the character (in game) is stuck moving forward. anyone know how to fix this issue? also, what is the specific tool i would need to fix this. any recommendations would be appreciated.

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how do i reconect my xbox 1 controller it wont pair even with usb cord its done this 2 times now and its doing it agin i have tryed all the youtube tricks and get no where it blinks 4 or 5 time then shuts down help me please


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To open the controller you are going to need a T8 screwdriver and possibly a metal spudger to pop the back of the handles off:

Block Image

The screws are located in the handles (two on each) and one behind where the batteries are placed (It is hidden behind the sticker).

From here i am unsure on a fix but you can remove the stick and and move it around and hope for the best

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kick the $@$* out of your controller and booom, fiiiiiixxxxed

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Fantastic. I did what is indicated once. It worked right away. Congratulations.


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I, like Robert, will be eternally grateful. I fought with Xbox control for months. Neither the local tech support could get him to pair with the console. This suggestion is very, very, very valuable. Thanks to Michael Abreu.

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