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The Canon PowerShot A70 is a 3.2 MP point and shoot camera

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This camera takes blurry pictures.

My camera takes blurry pictures sometimes even though it's been repaired by the folks at Canon (Cmos sensor was replaced? Or that little sensor that sees the object). It needed an update so it was sent in. Now it takes a blurry picture quite often. Any ideas?

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sounds like the auto focus isn't right.

when was the repair ?

why did you send it in for an update (the firmware is downloadable on canon's website)?

i would check the focus settings first, maybe the focus field has a wrong setting!

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Does it focus right when you do macro shots? is there a difference if you are zoomed in and zoomed out?

When you sent it in to repair, it should be under warranty for a short period of time. I urge you to send it in again and report this as I am pretty sure this is a hardware problem and not software.

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Recommend contacting Canon again. The CCD sensor may have failed again. Here's more info on the free CCD repair for the A70.

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