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The Sony Vaio VGN-FS640 laptop was released in 2005.

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Can zero bios?

how I can zero bios I was removed the battery for 15 seconds and did not get anything

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wassem, not sure what you mean by "how I can zero bios"? What are you trying to accomplish? What does your computer do?


I want to know how to reset the BIOS because my computer does not boot and freezes when the motherboard logo


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unplug power cord, take the battery out. press the power botton to make sure that there is no power runnig through the computer. now take the motherboard battery out and wait like a minute. put the motherboard battery back in and see if it works

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That would be awesome except there is no motherboard battery for the PCG-7A2L...... Any other way?


Chris, what are you trying to do? What are the issues with your VAIO? May be we can help....


asks for bios password right after bios run


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