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Pentium M 1.6 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 40 GB HDD

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low battery life and screen shortage

When I move my laptop from another room the screen goes completely blank...Also need help as to why my battery life is so low....I leave the laptop charged over nite and it has maybe 35% of juice the next day...Can someone give me an answer as to why this happens...

Thank you

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I had a similar ThinkCenter T41.

The screen flickers like a "bad TV signal" then certainly goes off. does not show anything at all. I know its not about power coz the hard drive still spins.

the same thing happened to the second then the third.

I think its a T41 sickness IBM has to fix.


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Does the screen go blank when you move it when it's plugged in, or is it limited to battery power?

Regarding the battery, I'd double click the battery meter in the taskbar, then go to the "battery information" tab. There should be a button in there for "battery maintenance". You probably want to do a battery reset. I've done this every so often (usually 6 months or so). It will go through a full charge, drain, and charge cycle and reset the battery gauge. It will also bring back a pretty good portion of your full charge capacity, possibly giving you a lot more time on battery power.

I hope this helps.

edit: I'm a ThinkPad user myself. I've used the same R52 for the past 5 years and repaired several internal "faults".

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The tool you described is the mentioned battery maximizer.

P.S.Here its a T43P. works and works and.......


I just get my thankppad labtop an it ant been on for i dont know how long i just puged it up and it ant came on yet dose that tell me it needs to be chargedup until it comes on and how long dose it take it to come on


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the first issue might be a flexing-issue. This means there is a part broken off the logic board, but the issue only shows up, when the logic board is flexed.

The battery life depends on the battery health status. You can get a tool called battery maximizer from lenovo, that shows you the battery health status.

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Have you checked the power settings?

Start/Settings/Control Panel/Display/Screen Saver/ Power/Power Schemes

There are different settings when your laptop plugged in and when it's on battery power. When it goes on battery power it could be set to turn off monitor after 1 min.

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