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A 3.4 oz., white Android phone with a 4” touchscreen and a 5 MP camera. Released in 2013 on the Boost Mobile network. Recognized with model number SPH-M840.

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Why is my touch screen unresponsive?

Whenever I try to open an application, my phone does not read it; it doesn't open it at all even though it's on. I don't think the phone is reading my finger movements at all or any clicks.

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Restart the phone by holding down the power button until it turns off, wait at least 10 seconds and then turn it back on. This should also turn off all apps that are running, if it doesn't, then try turning off all running apps. If it is still not working you may need to have a corrupted cache and or needs a full factory reset, rifer to Samsung Galaxy Prevail 2 Troubleshooting for a detailed guide on those to steps.

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i dropped my phone face first on the concrete outside and now my phone will not respond to my touch , even though there are NO cracks what so ever . I've tried to take the battery out and everything but nothing works . someone please help me ? by the way i have a Samsung galaxy prevail lte .


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